FEATURE SESSION: Hosted by Cosmetics Cluster UK

How on Earth do you get from source to bottle?

Time & Location

Thursday: 13.00 to 14.00, Stage 2

Session Host

Narinder BainsManaging Director - Ineuvo

About this Session

The global natural cosmetics market is expected to be worth $48.04 billion by 2025.

Here we place a spotlight on ingredients from the bio-economy, highlighting new processes, sources and alternatives from and for the chemical industry.

Upcycling, using other industries’ waste streams is a key trend, as is incorporating green chemistry principles with 21st Century innovation through biotechnology processes such as fermentation. We are witnessing a transformation of the ingredient supply chain for the cosmetics sector. Often, bio-based functional ingredients can outperform their fossil-based counterparts, as well as being kinder to the environment and meet market claims, such as for vegan and natural.

However, many start-ups and innovators and potential new suppliers are unfamiliar with the industry, what its needs are and how to enter it viably. CCUK acts as a bridge between the bioeconomy and the cosmetic industry by bringing together experts from the cosmetics field to share their experience and expertise and help knowledge flow along the value chain.

Sustainability is now a given. What does the cosmetic market expect? Are you in the bioeconomy looking to enter the cosmetic sector? Do you already have ingredients in a different market sector such as food/nutrition and how do you crossover? What are some of the main commercial and technical requirements and what are cosmetic formulators looking for.

Session Part One – Masterclass presentations: Meeting the needs of cosmetic formulators

Masterclass 1:

Theme: Can certification standards help define natural/sustainable for the cosmetic formulator? 

Speaker: Judi Beerling, Technical Director – Pertech Associates Ltd

Judi runs a formulation laboratory and consultancy and has spent much of the last 16 years sharing her knowledge of the rapidly evolving area of green / natural formulation and sustainability. She holds an MBA from the Open University Business School and is a Chartered Chemist.

Judi has held many honorary roles in the Society of Cosmetic Scientists over several decades. She was the President in 2008-9, is an Honorary Member and held the role of Honorary Treasurer several times. She is now Chair of the Steering Committee for the 32nd IFSCC Congress in London on 19th – 22nd September 2022. As a member of the Steering Committee for the previous UK 2002 Congress in Edinburgh, she was responsible for the much-enjoyed social events. Judi spent 7 years on the IFSCC Praesidium as Honorary Secretary and then Treasurer between 2004 and 2011.

Masterclass 2:

Theme: The challenges of sustainable product development and how to overcome them.

Speaker: Lawrence Clarke, Technical Sales Manager – Holiferm

Lawrence has extensive industrial and consumer product development experience. He joined Holiferm in the Spring of 2021 to bring his experience to Holiferm’s customers and help them on their development journey to market.

Session Part Two – Case studies and panel discussion

This section highlights CCUK member companies’ experiences. Short presentations (5 mins), followed by Q&A.

Moderated by Kirsty Mawhinney.

Guest panellists & themes:

  • ‘Scale up’ – Richard Lock, Managing Director – Holiferm

Richard is an experienced director, being in industry for 19 years.  Originally he started his career in the laboratories and progressed through his career by working in countries all over the globe.  In his last role, he commercially led Libra Speciality Chemicals growth of a £28.5M chemical portfolio, including building and executing a business case for 36kta betaine plant and agreeing supply contracts for 1000s of tonnes. Now At Holiferm, he is building an innovating bio-surfactant plant to prove that Green doesn’t have to cost the Earth.

  • ‘Cream from the Crop – Ingredients crossing the boundaries from food and other divisions into cosmetics’ – Rachael Davison, Technical Services Manager – Barentz
  • ‘Developing a sustainable biobased ingredient for a cosmetic product’ – Narinder Bains, Director – Ineuvo
  • ‘Innovative projects with CPI’ – Melanie Geer, Business Development Manager – Formulation – CPI

‘Developing a sustainable biobased ingredient for a cosmetic product’

Narinder Bains is the owner/MD at Ineuvo Ltd, an industrial chemist by education and early profession having worked in speciality chemicals for 11 years at Shipley Europe/Rohm and Haas/Dow Electronic Chemicals. Subsequently worked as Business Development Manager/Innovation Manager at University of Birmingham’s school of engineering. He was a Technical Director at a Renewable Energy technology provider. EU/InnovateUK Projects Manager at Coventry University Functional Materials Research Group. Founder/Owner of SERE-Tech Innovation Ltd for 10 years before taking over at Ineuvo Ltd.

Narinder and his team of chemical/process engineers and project managers at Ineuvo have considerable extensive experience in new technology development upscaling from TRL2 to TRL8 and accessing feasibility, collaborative R&D and demonstrator funding from InnovateUK and Horizon 2020. Extensive experience of developing, coordinating and managing large multi-partner and multinational projects. Current projects are developing novel and sustainable biobased ingredients from agrifood and papermill waste for applications in the food, feed, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and packaging industry.