Retrofit heat transfer solution improves product retention


Nathan HillThermal Process Engineer - CALGAVIN

Time & Location

Wednesday: 13.00 to 13.20, Stage 4

About this presentation

Tube side condensers are commonly used in the chemical process industry. When condensing single component vapours heat transfer coefficients are high. The situation changes when condensing multicomponent mixtures or condensation with inert components present. Under these conditions, the performance of condensers is often controlled by additional mass transport limitations between the liquid and vapour interface. To maintain the condensation process, the multicomponent vapour must be cooled. This becomes a challenge since particularly at low vapour velocities the resulting sensible vapour cooling coefficients are low. In the case of horizontal in-tube condensation, at low vapour velocities towards the end of the condensation process stratified gravity-controlled flow occurs. This leads to thermodynamic non-equilibrium which makes it difficult to correlate with heat exchanger design software. The installation of hiTRANTM Thermal System improves different aspects of the tube side condensation process. The main benefit is the increased sensible vapour cooling coefficient. The wires produce increased turbulence in the condensate film, and film and vapour mixing contribute to a reduction in mass transport resistance in the vapour-liquid interface. After explaining the underlying fundamental principles, an industrial case study is presented where hiTRANTM thermal systems were used to increase the duty of a condenser, thereby recovering valuable product.

Speaker Bio

Nathan joined CALGAVIN in 2016, after graduating from the University of Manchester with a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering. During which time, Nathan gained previous experience as a process engineer with 3M Health Care and Alstom.

As a Thermal Process Engineer in CALGAVIN’s engineering team, Nathan is primarily responsible for evaluating customers’ heat exchangers for use with hiTRAN Thermal Systems and Twisted Tape inserts. He also provides technical advice relating to the design of heat exchangers with tube-side enhancement, and the use of CALGAVIN’s hiTRAN.SP software.