Time & Location

Wednesday: 13.00 to 13.30, Stage 4

Nigel CrabtreeBiodegradation Testing and Measurement Science Leader - Ashland UK

Nigel is the Biodegradation testing and Measurement Science Leader at Ashland and has over 25 years experience in the chemicals and ingredients sector and in the last 13 years at Ashland, expanding and developing extensive analytical characterisation and introducing biodegradation capability.

Nigel has a B.Sc in Chemistry and his main areas of expertise are in polymer characterisation, chromatography and biodegradability testing which he is now combining to providing additional information and help define structure relationships of complex materials.

He works closely with R&D, Product Safety and Commercial Teams and is committed to providing innovative sustainable solutions to customers and supporting new product development.

Environmental fate of ingredients is a consumer desire and environmental concern. Biodegradation testing is a principal technique for assessing degradation of polymers and materials at low concentration in accordance with OECD guidelines whilst addressing the limitations associated with historic methodology for polymers.