Cyber security, challenges & opportunities in the industrial digital world


Paul HingleyPSSO (Product Solution & Security Officer) Industrial Security Services Manager - Siemens

Time & Location

Wednesday: 13.30 to 13.45, Stage 3

About this pressentation

As industry strives to embrace a digital transformation the use of new communication techniques and protocols means that defending the integrity of the data transitions becomes more critical. Industry is making decisions on the implementation of new technologies to enhance their business performance, to provide value from the data of their processes. Adopting the right technology and processes around data security and integrity is a decision that has now considerably more importance. The presentation looks at this digital transformation, the new technologies and the standards Industry should consider.

Speaker Bio

Paul began his engineering career in the Automotive Industry as a Project Manager following an Electrical Technical Apprenticeship with the Rover Group. He then moved to an OEM for process equipment primarily focused on the metals industry working as an Project Engineering interface with all overseas projects. This led to numerous project management projects around the world delivering full turnkey solutions.

After working overseas for some years I returned to the UK and worked in developing industrial control solutions from the enterprise layer to the shop floor. This utilized new industrial control technologies such as Industrial communication networks and developing leading edge control concepts within the ICS environment.

Paul joined Siemens in 1997 as a Network Applications Engineer before becoming a Product Manager for industrial control systems and products. Paul’s current role is as the Business Unit manager for Data Services. This is a team within the Siemens organization responsible for the IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) and Ind 4.0 via the Cloud based PaaS Mindsphere. This new business unit provides the connection platform for Siemens products and services.

Paul also has engineering qualifications in Safety and is a certified TUV Safety Professional leading the engineering on safety systems and products for the Digital factory and Process drives Division. Paul has further experience and qualifications in Cyber Security and is the Product Solution and Security Officer for the same division. Paul also represents Siemens PLC on security within the UK’s NCSC ICS Working Group and provides an interface to other UK Government departments as when required.

My role for Siemens includes responsibility for Industrial Cyber Security and Safety services and products.