'Lest We Forget' - The safety risks of losing corporate memory


Peter MackayChief Editor - HCB Cargo Media Ltd

Time & Location

Thursday: 15.15 to 15.45, Stage 2

About this presentation

The safety risks of losing corporate memory

As DG professionals age and retire, corporate memory can fade with them. That memory contains a lot of safety-critical information that is vital knowledge for those taking over their roles. This presentation will look at some incidents of the past 50 years and the lessons that we all need to remember.

Speaker Bio

Peter has been writing and editing HCB for more than 25 years and has been involved in the dangerous goods supply chain as an analyst and commentator for 35 years.

In his role at HCB, Peter brings readers news and analysis of regulatory changes, market developments and safety issues in the transport, storage and handling of dangerous goods by all modes.

Peter is now a regular speaker and chair at industry events around the globe; he also provides occasional articles for Petroleum Review and other publications and undertakes ad hoc consultancy work. He is a past chair of the Dangerous Goods Trainers Association.