Phil Pease

CEO - The Industrial Packaging Association

Presentation Title : Intelligent procurement of industrial packaging to minimise costs and maximise environmental compliance

Abstract : Purchasing the cheapest unit does not of course always prove to be the most cost-efficient option in any walk of life – this is also the case for Industrial Packaging such as drums and IBCs… an intelligent, informed approach is required to gain the maximum benefit. The difficult part is how to be properly informed, without it being a specific pitch from a biased Sales Manager – this is where the IPA can help, with free, unbiased advice on the correct selection, use and disposal of the correct packaging.

Bio : Phil Pease is the CEO of the industrial Packaging Association. A role he has held since the inception of the IPA in 2004 from the amalgamation of the 3 long-established UK trade groups of Drum Manufacturers, IBC Manufacturers and Container Reconditioners.

Phil represents the industry within a number of standards and regulatory bodies, including; BSI / CEN / ISO, DEFRA / EA. DfT / VCA and also the trade groups representing the industry’s customer base.

  • Chair of Dep’t for Transport’s VCA UN Packaging Review Committee (Dangerous Goods Packaging Certification).
  • Chair of British Standards Committee for Packaging & Environment
  • Convenor for CEN Standards Committee for Packaging & Environment
  • Secretary to SERRED (EU Industrial Packaging Reconditioning Association)
  • Secretary to SEFFI (EU Fibre Drum Manufacturers’ Association)

Phil developed and ran his own drum and IBC reconditioning operation from 1984 to 1999 when it was sold to the french based Drum & IBC Manufacturer, Sotralentz.

He now works as an independent consultant on Packaging and Environment, including Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Waste Management.