Biotechnology needs Chemistry to enable the most Sustainable Solutions

Time & Location

Thursday: 14.00 to 14.20, Stage 2

Keynote Speaker

Phil RuxtonChief Sustainability Officer - CRODA

About this presentation

The chemical industry is undergoing transformational change.  Old approaches to innovation will no longer work.  Solutions are now coming from more diverse sources, from biology as well as chemistry. Conceptually biology has a lot of sustainable benefits to offer over chemistry, however biotechnology does not always and directly equate to a more sustainable end product. Our vision for the future is not one where synthetic biology has replaced synthetic chemistry, but where the right molecules, with the right performance and the right environmental and societal impacts are produced in the most efficient and effective way.

Speaker Bio:

Phil joined Croda as a chemistry graduate in 1994, working in several commercial roles including significant time working from Croda’s North American HQ in New Jersey, USA leading personal care sales. From 2013-2019 he ran Croda’s Smart Materials global business. Alongside these roles he helped Croda develop and implement its sustainability strategy from the first public sustainability report in 2007 to the present day with Our Purpose and Our Commitment.  Phil joined the Group Sustainability team in 2019 as Vice President, Sustainability before becoming Croda’s first Chief Sustainability Officer in 2021.