Process Intensification Feature Session

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Thursday: 12.30 to 13.00, Stage 3

Session Host

Process Intensification Group

About this Session

About this session


  • Part 1: Introduction to Process IntensificationProf Harvey will describe what “process intensification” is, and give an overview of the diverse range of “intensified” process technologies available in the Process Intensification Group (PIG) at Newcastle. This will illustrate how “PI” can transform many chemical processes, by reducing the size, cost and environmental impact of many technologies/processes.


  • Part 2: Presentation & Q&A around an a specific ‘PI’ theme:Title: The Circular Bioeconomy
    Dr. Sharon Velasquez Orta – This talk will focus on how bioprocess intensification can help us achieve a circular bioeconomy. Two case studies will be provided on: (1) the discovery of new microalgae for the valorisation of wastewater treatment and recovery of nutrients, (2) Routes for biohydrogen production from energy crops and agricultural wastes.

Joint Speakers

Prof. Adam Harvey

Prof. Adam Harvey

Professor of Process Intensification - Newcastle University

Professor Adam Harvey is the Professor of Process Intensification at Newcastle University, School of Engineering and Head of the Process Intensification Group (PIG). The group is World-leading, and the largest PI research group in the World, comprising over 70 researchers: 15 academic staff, 10 research associates/visitors and over 45 PhD students.
Prof Harvey also manages the international network, PIN (Process Intensification Network), which recently held its 27th meeting (in Newcastle, June 2019), and is one of the authors of the main textbook on the subject (Reay, Ramshaw and Harvey).
His research spans a diverse range of research areas including: process intensification, biofuels, CO2 chemistry, biomass processing, bioreactors, plasma processing and flow chemistry. In these areas, he has over 140 publications:

Dr. Sharon Velasquez Orta

Dr. Sharon Velasquez Orta

PIGroup at Newcastle University