Prof. Geraldine Durrand

Section Manager - Functional coatings and resins - TWI lTD

Presentation Title : Opportunities in novel nano-additives to enhance the durability of functional surfaces for industrial application.

Abstract : New coatings and surface treatments with nano-structured materials are generally believed to offer the potential to reduce erosion rates, fouling and icing build-up. Therefore they are expected to have significant beneficial impacts on performance and efficiency over a specific timeframe in sectors such as aerospace and renewable energy. The advantages of designing the Nano additives for a specific application and for a specific matrix host, allow the end user to create a nanocomposite able to withstand specific environment. Such advantages come from both their ability to tailor roughness levels, enhance mechanical and chemical durability, and more importantly to tailor the surface energy. TWI has been investigating sol-gel chemistry as a route to developing new materials and their incorporation into acrylate, epoxy and polyurethane based resin for various applications in order to enhance the retention of the surface properties with time and abrasion. The key innovative aspects of the approach are the fabrication of the silica additives and the routes to achieve their specific and tailorable functionalization that allow high silica nanoparticles loading (above 50%) into resins. This presentation will illustrate the work that is being carried out by TWI in order to create hybrid coatings that exhibit a durable repellent surface for application such as anti-icing coating and abrasion resistant easy clean coatings for solar panel.

: Dr Geraldine Durand is Section Manager for the Functional Coatings and Resins group at TWI and the director of the LSBU/TWI innovation centre ARCTIC. She has a PhD in polymer chemistry and has over fifteen years’ experience in silicone chemistry, nanotechnology and hybrid coatings technology. She has a wide knowledge on functional coatings and has been granted several patents related to silicone formulation for antifouling purpose. Her current role focus on bridging the gap between academia and industry.