Enforcement of UK chemicals regulations - where next?

Time & Location

Wednesday: 15.00 to 15.15, Stage 5


Richard BishopOperations Director - Technology Sciences Group Consulting Limited (TSG Consulting)

About this presentation

Addressing chemicals regulations such as REACH, CLP, biocides and plant protection products (pesticides), this presentation will examine the current approach taken by regulatory authorities to enforcement in the UK. It will consider what is working well and what could be improved (and how) in the post-Brexit landscape, as well as the challenges facing regulatory authorities and industry.

The presentation will consider issues such as online sales, imports, deregulation, resourcing, prioritisation and collaborative working, delivered by a speaker who has been at the heart of UK chemicals regulations enforcement for over a decade.

Speaker Bio:

Richard works for TSG Consulting, helping clients meet their duties under chemicals regulations. Prior to joining TSG, Richard was a Principal Inspector in the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). He created and led the Enforcement Team in HSEs Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD), with responsibility for the enforcement of REACH, CLP, PIC, biocides and plant protection products (pesticides) legislation across Great Britain.

He was a former UK representative and Chair of the ECHA Enforcement Forum. Richard has also worked as an EH&S Manager at an upper-tier COMAH (Seveso) pharmaceuticals manufacturer and as a University lecturer on MSc EH&S programmes.