Feature Session:

Stirring up the paints industry with a Startup collaboration program

Joint Speaker

Richard RamsdenHead of Data Science - AkzoNobel

Time & Location

Thursday: 12.30 to 13.00, Stage 2

About this Session

Following the success of the previous global Startup Challenge, Paint the Future is back and well underway for 2021. This presentation will show how we created an industry first, which has created joint beneficial value between startups in the innovation space and a corporate in a slow moving industry.

Joint Speakers: Mo Chowdhury, Program Lead – Accelerator – AkzoNobel & Richard Ramsden Head of Data Science – AkzoNobel

Speaker Bio:

Richie started out as a chemist within International Paint Research, creating new technologies for biocidal antifouling coatings. He quickly realised the way to improve new coatings development is to accurately measure their performance in-field and has spent the last 7 years developing new and innovative data methodologies to define how well coatings perform. This culminated in a series of digital tools to enable better understanding of the operational environment a vessel experiences, including machine learning models to predict coating performance. Richie is the Head of Data science in AkzoNobel’s Innovation Incubator, developing new business models for AkzoNobel built around data services and subscriptions. Richie is also an author of The Business Readiness Levels a system to benchmark the maturity of a new business idea.