Production Processes in Complex Supply Chains


Richard SykesTechnical Director - Plater Group

Time & Location

Thursday: 10.40 to 11.00, Stage 3

About this presentation

Behind the scenes of Europe’s largest provider of specialist drying services to the chemical industry. With over 30 years of experience in spray drying and other drying techniques, providing customers many options to their drying problems including spray drying, spray cooling, vacuum drying, calcining, liquid and powder blending.

Working with clients’ R&D teams and aiding to advance their product development, providing insights into the flexible set up and approach enabling rapid response to customers’ needs and providing tailored solutions. Requirements for supporting fast turnaround projects as well as longer-term development processes. Providing a vision of taking product development from the initial laboratory testing through a pilot plant phase and into commercial scale production.

The manufacture and logistics required to supply a wide range of speciality metal salts including sodium, potassium and calcium-based products, typically used in a broad range of industries such as de-icing, food, animal feed production, pharmaceutical and general chemicals.

Speaker Bio

Richard is a chartered chemist and has over 35 experience in the manufacturing sector of the chemical industry, developing a wide experience of manufacturing, product and system development and process optimisation. 

He thrives on working closely with customers to find solutions to their operation and product manufacturing issues. 

Richard has played hockey since the age of 15 and now umpires which takes him all over the north of England and he is chairman of the umpire selectors for Yorkshire.