Your Roadmap to Technology Mastery

Time & Location

Thursday: 14.40 to 15.00, Stage 3


Rob MunroIndustrial Associate with IfM Engage at Institute for Manufacturing, Cambridge University

About this presentation

The challenges of sustainability, digitalisation and energy transition imperatives are urgent. For business and R&D leaders, making sense of new technologies effectively and at speed is crucial, especially for the sustainability transition.  Technology and innovation plans that are well-aligned with company and product goals give leaders the ability to make sharper, more informed options. Better investment choices supporting products, processes, and solutions that are aligned to innovation and technology goals secure more reliable outcomes. Strategic technology roadmapping is the essential approach to align an organisation to achieve technology goals for a sustainable future.

The session will show you how to develop your capability to achieve better technology and innovation results, such as

  1. Robust approaches to leading technology that aligns and coordinates the whole organisation.
  2. Quicker and more effective answers to technology investment options.
  3. Clarity over how to identify the right capabilities to invest in on time and in full.

Speaker Bio:

Rob Munro is an experienced innovation and technology management research practitioner on a mission to improve the returns on financial and human investment from innovation activities in organizations. Rob is Industrial Associate with IfM Engage the knowledge transfer unit of The Institute for Manufacturing at Cambridge University working on materials, energy and sustainability projects.   His thirty-three years of industrial experience with advanced manufacturing multinationals brought a deep understanding of the benefits and pitfalls of companies attempting innovation. He supports innovation leaders by providing strategic innovation and technology management advisory in technology-intensive companies and universities.