Protecting your formulation and customers – what preserving means in a changing market?


Sam WoodTechnical Service Chemist - Chemlink Specialities Ltd (Harke)

Time & Location

Thursday: 14.40 to 15.00, Stage 2

About this presentation

Preservatives form a core part of many formulations that reach the market whether they’re for professional use, consumer use and in personal care products. It enables the products to be protected from bacteria and moulds before the product is sold and whilst in use to ensure the quality of the formulation from the first use to the last drops. One huge change looming in the HI&I sector is the maximum level of MIT (Methylisothiazolinone) is due to fall dramatically to levels which won’t provide any efficacy coming into force within the next 12 months  and the impact of the new labelling this requires as well as the new legislation that products containing MIT are not allowed to be sold to consumers. With the BPR also restricting what can be used in this sector I shall also talk about what can be used going forwards.

For personal care formulators, I will talk about how consumers and marketing wish to move from Parabens and CMIT/MIT based preservatives due to the bad press they have received and highlight the many pitfalls or problems that can possibly arise from moving to other systems which may have unseen consequences creating the need to reformulate products from the ground up.

Speaker Bio

Sam Wood has been a member of the Chemlink Specialities team for over 8 years starting off by working as a Lab Technician in their own on-site formulation lab whilst learning the more intricate details on surfactant chemistry as well as the specialities that Chemlink offer in both the UK and Eire across both Household, Industrial and Institutional cleaning, and also Personal Care and Cosmetics. He now works as more of Technical Service role being able to offer both product and formulation advice.