Is trying to save energy a waste of energy

Time & Location

Thursday: 14.00 to 14.20, Stage 4


Scott HardingSales Director & Joint Owner - Woodcock & Wilson Ltd

About this presentation

The talk covers the issue regarding, total cost of ownership v capital cost. Quick overview, The issue with EPC’s being involved in projects & their main goals, Understanding what the real cost of process equipment is. (TCO) Our true responsibilities to have a drive to save energy. As both motors & fans are such power-hungry elements within any process industry. The drive to become more efficient & the global aim for industry to become net zero is on a critical path. So do we already have the solution! Both fans & motors are governed by ErP legislation & must meet minimum efficiencies. But who governs process or system efficiencies? We see a large conflict of interest between purchase price & total cost of ownership. For the end user & the environment the best solutions are often never put on the table due to budget constraints. Overall, 60% of industries energy consumption is via motors, with fans accounting for 20% of this. Imposing minimum system efficiencies could reduce our industrial carbon footprint by 10%. The chemical industry must take the lead & not just look at purchase price. We need to focus on total cost of ownership to provide a cleaner future

Speaker Bio

Scott Harding is Sales Director & joint owner of Woodcock & Wilson and is a member of the IECEx Committee, UKATEX committee, UKEX committee, Nuclear Institute, National Nuclear Ventilation forum, SHAPA, and the Fan Manufacturers Association. He has over 30 years’ experience in the industrial fan industry covering fan design, manufacture & process safety. He is a driving force behind mechanical safety within the process industry, providing knowledge sharing with lectures & presentations on the ATEX fan standard EN14986, EN80079-36, EN80079-37 and the introduction of the IECEx non-electrical standard in 2016.