Scott Harding

Sales Director - Woodcock & Wilson Ltd

Presentation Title: Taking Safety Global

Bio : Fan engineer who gives numinous talks on ATEX & IECEx specifically relating to mechanical equipment working in a potential hazardous area.

Abstract : The introduction of IECEx certification of non-electrical Ex equipment Introduction of Non-electrical Ex equipment Standards, Scope of Non-Electrical Equipment standards, Examples of non-electrical equipment IECEx V ATEX, IECEx is the international equivalent of the European ATEX standard. However, one of the largest distinctions between the two approvals is the need for Design and Quality Assurance controls to be approved by an IECEX approved Certification Body (CB), IECEx does not allow self-certification from manufacturers or equipment. Why we are at risk with ATEX self-certification, OEM and end users are responsible for ensuring compliance to the ATEX directive. Failure to comply could carry heavy fines and custodial sentences. Dual ATEX/IECEx certification for global safety & Best practices