Sean Makin

UK Sales - Newson Gale

Presentation Title : Understanding why static electricity is an ignition source in combustible atmospheres

Abstract : Managers and engineers running EX operations have to contend with controlling a wide range of industrial hazards, prioritizing their projects based on budget and time to focus on specific risks. Static electricity is just one of a numerous range of ignition sources in EX operations. The objective of this presentation is to enable plant managers and engineers acquire a working knowledge of why something that is often perceived as an innocuous nuisance actually poses a significant risk to operations.

Bio :  Sean Makin is the applications specialist for Newson Gale’s market leading range of static earthing and bonding equipment within the UK. With his primary focus being on customer processes within hazardous locations, Sean regularly attends site in order to fully understand the customer’s application and the risks presented by the accumulation of static electricity during normal operation. From there, he can offer advice to the customer relating to their electrostatic control solutions based on the internationally recognised best practice guidelines outlined in ‘IEC 60079-32-1 Explosive Atmospheres, Electrostatic Hazards – Guidance (2013)’. Sean possesses in-depth knowledge of Newson Gale’s Earth-Rite®, Bond-Rite® and Cen-Stat™ ranges of static earthing equipment and can recommend the appropriate solution(s) based on the customer’s risk assessment, hazardous area zoning and certification requirements. Sean has over five years of experience in technical solution based sales; this being his second year with Newson Gale.