A Sustainable future for Adhesives and Sealants - Hosted by BASA

Time & Location

Wednesday: 15.00 to 16.00, Stage 2

Session Host

Session Host: Jim PalmerJ P Consultancy Ltd - BASA Technical Officer

About this Session

60 min feature panel session on Day 1, hosted by BASA (British Adhesives and Sealants Association)

The panel will look at aspects of sustainability (packaging, VOC emissions and energy demands) relating to the Net Zero pledges, the issue of dismantlability and the need for innovative design and how regulation and standards have a role to play in the development of innovative solutions to enable circularity and sustainability. Representatives from the sector and standards and Regulation makers will discuss how adhesives and sealants can be enablers for a sustainable future.

Moderator of Panel Session – Jim Palmer, BASA Technical Officer

Short Presentations (themes)

  • Lorna Williams (BASA): The effects of chemical regulations and standards on innovation of more sustainable adhesives & sealants
  • Jenny Barnett (F Ball and Co): Case study on recycling / where F Ball are in their sustainability journey with their packaging take back scheme
  • Steve Farnworth (Itac): How adhesives manufacturers are approaching the net zero targets
  • Dr Norman Keane (Ingevity): Ingevity’s approach to sustainability
  • Dr Geoff Mackey (BASF plc): Introducing BASF’s ideas and sustainability objectives.

Panellists for second half Q&A discussion

  • Lorna Williams, Executive Officer British Adhesives & Sealants Association
  • Jenny Barnett, S.H.E.Q. Manager at F Ball and Co Ltd
  • Steve Farnworth, MD Itac
  • Dr Norman Keane, Director Of Innovation at Ingevity
  • Caroline Raine, Technical Associate Director, Ricardo-AEA and BASA Consultant
  • David Park, Public Affairs Manager, British Coatings Federation Limited
  • Dr. Geoff Mackey, Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Director, BASF plc

Session Host Bio:

Jim Palmer has over 40 years technical management experience in the adhesives, sealants and coating industry. He has worked for small independent manufacturers and large multinational corporations in the course of his career. He has a broad knowledge of manufacturing operations, i.e. technical, quality, production, sales purchasing, finance, distribution and systems, combined with experience of project management through functional and multi-disciplined teams. Jim is also conversant with the many regulatory issues facing the modern chemical manufacturing and downstream user industries.

Guest Panellists:

Steve Farnworth

Steve Farnworth

Managing Director - Itac Adhesives

Bio: Steve joined Itac as their General manager in 2013 and assumed responsibility as Managing Director in 2020. Prior to Itac, Steve held operations management roles within the plastics, chemical products, and agrochemicals industries and holds a degree in Chemistry from the University of Leeds

Jenny Barnett

Jenny Barnett

SHEQ Manager - F Ball and Co Ltd

Bio: Jenny has worked in the Adhesives industry for 15 years, originally in quality and analytical laboratories with the last 10 years in Health, Safety and Environmental Management and ISO management systems (9001, 14001 and 18001).  In this time, she has lead a global sustainability team and is currently the chair of the BASA Environment and Sustainability working group and. Now working as the SHEQ Manager for F. Ball and Co. Ltd, the UK’s leading manufacturer of flooring adhesives and floor preparation products for the contract flooring industry, Jenny has a BSc(Hons) degree in Molecular Science (with an environmental chemistry leaning) and a Post Grad Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health (DipOSH).

Lorna Williams

Lorna Williams

Executive Officer and General Secretary, British Adhesives & Sealants Association.

Bio: Lorna Williams is an independent consultant for the Chemicals and Materials sector, holding a rolling contract to run the Secretariat for the British Adhesives & Sealants Association (BASA), a trade association for the Adhesives and Sealants industry with around100 members. With a background in Materials Science and over 30 years’ experience in a number of technical and commercial roles related to the adhesives and sealants and construction products markets, Lorna is heavily involved with aspects of UK, European and International standardisation and is actively involved with many other European National Associations within FEICA, the European Adhesives and Sealants Association.

Dr. Norman Keane

Dr. Norman Keane

Director of Innovation Ingevity

Bio: Dr Norman Keane is Director of Innovation for Ingevity’s Engineered Polymers business, based at Warrington in Cheshire and is the home of the Capa® range of products. Dr Keane started his career with ICI initially in Advanced Materials at Wilton before joining the Polyurethanes business (Now Huntsman) in Brussels. He has held senior R&D management roles with Elementis, Ansell and Weir Group in Malaysia and the United States and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

David Park

David Park

Public Affairs Manager British Coatings Federation Limited

Bio: David is the Public Affairs Manager at BCF, leading the organisation’s lobbying and engagement with government. Prior to joining the BCF in January 2020, David worked in politics at national, regional and local levels in the UK, and latterly in public affairs, both ‘in-house’ and for an agency.

Caroline Raine

Caroline Raine

NCEC & BASA Consultant

Bio: Caroline Raine is a regulatory expert in both supply and transport legislation with experience of interpreting and implementing EU legislation relating to hazardous chemical substances. Her knowledge and expertise are wide ranging and has been developed whilst working directly in the chemical industry. Caroline is a qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) for the transport of hazardous goods by road and rail and holds a post graduate certificate in REACH management. Her depth of expertise means Caroline can help others understand, interpret, and manage their regulatory obligations. Caroline is working closely with ECHA on the new poison centres legislation.

Dr. Geoff Mackey

Dr. Geoff Mackey

Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Director - BASF

Geoff was brought up on a small family farm in South Armagh, N. Ireland, he read biology in Liverpool and followed it with a range of post graduate qualifications in Health & Safety and management including a sleepless MBA. His doctorate concerned the strategic business value of social networks.

He is a Director of BASF plc, responsible for a service portfolio in UK & Ireland, and BASF’s Sustainability network in Europe.

A Fellow of IOD, RSC and IEMA, he has been within the BASF group for more than 20 years and advises a wide range of strategic and tactical groups inside and outside BASF covering private, public and third sector organizations in arenas including science, environment and further education.

He’s happy to talk