Sustainability and transparency as drivers of next level digital transformation


Shawn SteuerDrector Strategy Regulatory - Veeva

Time & Location

Wednesday: 10.20 to 10.40, Stage 2

About this presentation

Rapidly evolving digital capabilities in combination with consumer demands for safety are heralding a new era of transparency and sustainability. Chemical companies that can harness digital technology to simultaneously accelerate product development and provide customers and consumers with full context on the provenance of their chemicals will dominate their respective markets.  Are you prepared?

Speaker Bio

Shawn Steuer is an expert in regulatory affairs, familiar with both the consultant and industry perspective. The biologist with a focus on biochemicals began his career in the area of toxicological safety and now brings nearly 15 years of regulatory experience. He has worked in many different areas such as biocidal products, EU-REACH, CLP, TSCA, plant protection products, pharmacovigilance and toxicological safety. He has also been in charge of the quality assurance for dossier quality for plant protection and biocidal products. His objective today is to bring together suppliers, manufacturers and consultants from the Chemical industry and support them in all regulatory and quality management challenges