Energy Management & Optimisation Minimizing steam generation costs while optimising power revenues and costs

Time & Location

Wednesday: 10.00 to 11.00, Stage 3


Sleman SalibaGlobal Product Manager Energy Management - ABB Energy Industries

About this presentation

Steam and Cogeneration plants are an often, over-looked system on industrial process plants but are the backbone to the successful operation of these assets. These energy intensive and complex systems, if considered and controlled correctly provide an opportunity for significant reduction in fuels to operate, associated CO2 emissions and operational costs while maximizing revenues/minimizing costs related to energy export/import.

Maintaining competitiveness in our industry has never been more critical. Businesses are facing increasingly tough economic conditions and mounting pressure to reduce their environmental impact, demonstrating real carbon reductions.

Addressing an assets steam system and CHP plant(s) can expedite a tangible return in terms of energy, CO2 and cost reduction, and therefore be part of the strategy to combat the effect of volatile and increasing energy prices; ensuring business continuity and optimise process performance

During the presentation Sleman will discuss:

  • Challenges facing sites with steam networks. Including high operational costs and CO2 production, demand variability, steam network and steam generation complexity, including control architecture.
  • The interaction with the Energy Markets and how optimising this can manage energy price variability and leverage renewable energy sources, especially sites with a CHP generation or recovery function.
  • Improvement areas through optimising boiler/turbine balancing, fuel selection, combustion optimisation, pressure/temperature control on headers; among other key areas.
  • How the deployment of energy optimisation logic and Advanced Process Control work together to balance and control the steam system with respect to process demand and economic conditions.

‘Sleman has been involved in plant optimization and energy management for over 15 years and now leads ABB’s energy management and optimization function globally.  Sleman leads this team to develop and implement new technologies that improve how we consume energy in industry, through ABBs flagship energy management platform, OPTIMAX®.

Sleman is passionate in particular about integrating renewable power sources to facilitate sustainable industrial production that is essential to combat climate change. Outside of his role with ABB, Sleman teaches mathematics at his local University, DHBW Mannheim, demonstrating a commitment to share knowledge and develop talent to continue the energy transition challenge.’