Are robots really going to take all of our jobs?


Steve BrambleyChief Executive - GAMBICA

Time & Location

Wednesday: 14.40 to 15.00, Stage 3

About this presentation

If we look past the clickbait headlines that millions of workers will be replaced by robots, then there is a much more positive and nuanced story to tell. Technology certainly displaces some jobs, but most evidence shows that it creates even more jobs, generally more rewarding, safer and better paid. Here we take a look at the full picture for the impact of digitalisation on jobs and skills.

Speaker Bio

Steve Brambley is the Chief Executive of GAMBICA, the Trade Association for Instrumentation, Control, Automation and Laboratory Technology in the UK.

He leads GAMBICA in being a highly collaborative and influential organisation, engaging with a diverse range of stakeholders including UK and European governments, associations, institutions, industry & manufacturing, media & events companies and standards bodies. He has over 14 years of trade association experience at GAMBICA with previous roles in public affairs and the industrial automation sector.

Steve also brings previous experience from the automotive industry, having worked for the Michelin Tyre Company and the Dana Corporation in management roles across manufacturing, quality, logistics and engineering. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Loughborough University.

He is passionate about the positive influence that technology can bring to UK industry, with a view to generating growth, protecting the climate, ensuring health & well-being and driving innovation in the UK.