Solvents, Sustainability & NetZero

Time & Location

Wednesday 10.00 to 10.40, Stage 2

Guest Speaker

Stuart BarkerHead of Business Development, Tradebe Chemicals

About this session

Solvents and solvent-based products are used in almost all manufacturing processes, in a wide variety of applications.

Many of the products using solvents within their manufacturing processes are vital to everyday modern living. These include pharmaceuticals (including vaccines and antibiotics) and electronics such as smart phones, medical devices, solar panels and computers.

As we venture into a digital, more sustainable future, solvents will be essential in continuing to deliver new technologies, with minimal impact upon the environment.
The Solvents Industry Association and their members will present on how the industry is adapting to ensure that these essential products can be manufactured sustainably, as we strive to meet net zero targets.

Andrew Norman, Chief Executive – Solvents Industry Association

Stuart Barker – Head of Business Development, Tradebe Chemicals
Presentation Title – The Benefits of Recovered Solvents

Emmanuel Ehenemba – Technical and Product Quality Manager, TotalEnergies Marketing UK, Special Fluids
Presentation Title – Energy is Reinventing Itself

Speaker Bio

Head of Business Development for Tradebe Chemicals covering the UK, Ireland and Germany, Stuart Barker has been working in the chemical industry for the last 17 years carrying out management roles within the both operational and commercial areas of the sector. His role at Tradebe Chemicals involves the promotion of sustainability within the industry, offering solvent recovery and innovative chemical solutions.