‘Innovation in bio-based chemicals’ - In cooperation with BioVale

Time & Location

Thursday: 13.00 to 14.30, Stage 3


Susan BrenchCEO Starbons

About this Session

BioVale’s ‘Innovation in bio-based chemicals’ flash talk session, hosted by Anna Zhenova, CEO Green Rose Chemistry, will showcase innovative research, entrepreneurs and SMEs offering a range of sustainable, low carbon, novel and drop-in bio-based products, processes, and services.

Speakers and organisations taking part in the flash talk session include:

  • Presentation: ‘One Step Isolation of APIs – Separation made Simple with Starbons’

Speaker: Susan Brench, CEO Starbons (https://www.starbons.com/)

Bio: Since 2018 Susan has successfully established a portfolio of interests building on the foundations of over 30 years’ experience in industrial strategic commercial management, stakeholder engagement, marketing and international business development. Working with clients across the globe including Europe, the USA, and Japan her expertise is derived primarily from working in the chemical manufacturing sector. She also has experience of working for 2 major financial institutions.

A Physical Natural Sciences – Chemical Engineering graduate from the University of Cambridge, Susan enjoys finding solutions to complex issues; being able to see the macro and the micro, the bigger picture and the detail.She truly and passionately believes in the importance of science & engineering, industry & manufacturing for building a more sustainable society. Mentoring of start up businesses is of keen interest, and in 2019 Susan took on the challenge of driving the green chemistry micro business, Starbons Ltd,  forwards to commercial success, where she is now CEO.


Starbons Ltd designs products made from biorenewable raw materials (polysaccharides), providing technical solutions tailored to the customer’s specific separation needs and end use application. Examples are active substance isolation, gas capture and precious metals recovery. Our aspiration – to become the leading disruptive technology and products company in the field of Specialty Separations.