Innovative soil-release-polymers with superior rheology control - less complexity, greater sustainability

Time & Location

Thursday: 10.10 to 10.30, Stage 2


Svea BraakTechnical Application Manager - Clariant

About this presentation

In times of global challenges, facing climate change and political crises, consumers increasingly demand products that are sustainable and protecting our planet, but at the same time are affordable and delivering the performance and value that consumers are used to. In this context, Clariant will present TexCare® Gemini SG Terra, our new innovative multi-functional and sustainable soil release polymer for liquid laundry detergents. Being a multifunctional ingredient, it provides highest washing performance & fabric protection from dirt, even for eco detergents and furthermore makes formulators lives easier by providing superior rheology control, eliminating the need to add synthetic thickening polymers. By saving cost & complexity whilst improving the sustainability profile of products, it is a true game changer for modern detergents.

Speaker Bio:

Svea Braak is one of Clariant’s Technical Application Manager for Home Care and is responsible for several customers in EMEA, supporting their Innovation and NPD projects. She joined the Home Care Team in 2012 and has acquired extensive experience with formulation & application development in all Home Care application areas. In 2019, Svea graduated with a Master Professional of Technical Management.