Ensuring sustainability through the constant of change

Time & Location

Wednesday: 13.00 to 13.20, Stage 1

Keynote Speaker

Tim DoggettChief Executive, Chemical Business Association (CBA)

About this presentation

The multi award winning Chemical Business Association (CBA) is celebrating its 100th Anniversary and is the leading organisation representing the UK chemical supply chain.

The chemical industry is one of the most important and diverse industries in the world – more than 97% of all manufactured products contain inputs from the chemicals industry – and it is a vital thread that runs through society and economy alike.

A large and complex chemical supply chain has evolved over many years and is in place to effectively maintain and support such a vital industry, and although the past few years have been challenging, it is largely resilient and continues to adjust and adapt.

Amidst continuing adversity and global challenges, Tim Doggett, CEO of the CBA, will highlight the efforts to use these as catalysts for positive change and to build and maintain momentum in the chemical supply chain to ensure a sustainable future.

Speaker Bio:

Tim is the Chief Executive of the Chemical Business Association. He has worked primarily in global supply chain and logistics and has held senior positions in various countries. He is a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) and a qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA)