Polymers regulations in the EU today and tomorrow

Time & Location

Wednesday: 13.30 to 13.45, Stage 4


Tomáš NovotnýOwner and Customer Happiness Manager - REGARTIS

About this presentation

Upcoming regulation of polymers in the EU is likely to become the greatest regulatory development since REACH saw the light of the day, at least regarding the impact. Considering the most conservative estimates of 10 000 – 15 000 completely new registrations of polymers, with more realistic estimates reaching to 20 000 – 40 000 registrations, we are talking about a comparably large volume of data to be generated by the industry as in all REACH registrations filed so far. And this estimate still does not take into account ca. 200 000 polymers circulating the European market and potentially requiring at least basic notification. Learn what registration schemes are currently being considered for polymers in the EU and what impact it might have on the industry and the supply chain. And last but not least, whether similar provisions are likely to apply in the UK as well.

Speaker Bio:

Tomas is a regulatory expert with 12 years of professional experience helping industry navigate through the sea of chemicals regulations across the EU and the UK. He was one of the first covering systematically regulatory developments in the UK after Brexit in a UK REACH webinar series. Thanks to his experience with projects for ECHA and the European Commission, Tomas follows closely latest trends and developments in EU chemicals regulations and is always ready to share his observations on what the latest trends may indicate for the future.