Continuous membrane based separation to improve batch extraction productivity


Trevor MurrayApplications & Sales Engineer - Zaiput Flow Technologies

Time & Location

Wednesday: 12.20 to 12.40, Stage 4

About this pressentation

Liquid-liquid Extraction (LLE) is an often overlooked process step that can lead to different kinds of bottlenecks during scale up and production of a wide range of pharmaceuticals, fine & specialty chemicals, whether in batch or flow. Membrane based continuous separation allows for the systematic development of mass transfer and separation for facile scaling of LLE.  Importantly, this technology can be deployed equally well in both continuous and batch context delivering a number of advantages.

In this talk we will discuss how to leverage existing reactor assets, lower overall process risk, utilize the best tool for the job and reduce the time needed to carry out processes. While it is certainly hard to predict the future, we will show why we think hybrid processes are a natural way forward to transition from batch to flow.

Speaker Bio

Trevor Murray leads Zaiput’s sales efforts in North America and Europe with a keen focus on finding new application areas for Zaiput’s innovative liquid-liquid/liquid gas separation technology. He specializes in carrying out extractions in flow, with experience converting batch extractions to flow and optimizing flow and batch processes through the use of Zaiput’s multistage extraction technology. Previous to Zaiput, Trevor graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in chemical engineering.