Membrane-based continuous liquid-liquid separation for extraction purposes in Space and on the Earth.


Trevor MurrayApplications & Sales Engineer - Zaiput Flow Technologies

Time & Location

Wednesday: 12.20 to 12.40, Stage 3

About this pressentation

New frontiers in space exploration which have been opened by the lower cost of sending payloads to orbit, require the availability of suitable tools that can operate in the absence of gravity. Specifically, in the context of chemical manufacturing, liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) is a very common workup strategy in pharmaceutical and fine chemicals production due to its high selectivity and large capacity at relatively small energy consumption.

Phase separation is typically carried out leveraging gravity as a driving force and this clearly makes it unsuitable for space chemistry. In this work, we lay down the foundation for LLE in space. We demonstrate that membrane-based separation devices developed and commercialized by Zaiput Flow Technologies can continuously and efficiently separate liquid phases in the gravity-free environment of the International Space Station. After providing background on the Zaiput LL separation technology, we report our experiments on LL separation carried out on the International Space Station.

We’ll provide background, rationale, discuss the experimental setup and the results.

Further, we will highlight how this technology is currently applied on the earth to improve Chemical processing. Examples will include separation of emulsions, telescoping of reactions and multistage extraction with both batch and flow chemistry examples.

Speaker Bio

Trevor Murray leads Zaiput’s sales efforts in North America and Europe with a keen focus on finding new application areas for Zaiput’s innovative liquid-liquid/liquid gas separation technology. He specializes in carrying out extractions in flow, with experience converting batch extractions to flow and optimizing flow and batch processes through the use of Zaiput’s multistage extraction technology. Previous to Zaiput, Trevor graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in chemical engineering.