How to build and operate green hydrogen facilities more efficiently and at scale? FEATURE PANEL SESSION- Hosted by ABB

Time & Location

Thursday: 10.00 to 11.00, Stage 4

Feature Session - Hosted by ABB

Host: Troy StewartHead of Energy Industries UK and Ireland - ABB

About this Session

Session to be led by Troy Stewart, Head of ABB UK Energy Industries Division.

Troy will be joined by expert panellists from industry 

During this session a panel of industry leaders with discuss how to best develop an integrated, digitally enabled solution for facility owners to build green hydrogen assets more quickly, cheaply, and safely, and operate them more efficiently. The session will build on the key learnings of a ground-breaking ‘Ambition to Reality’ paper, written by Worley, IBM and ABB in collaboration with Princeton University, USA.

By fast-tracking and standardizing how companies can go through the engineer-design-operate cycle, businesses may reduce the levelized cost of green hydrogen and to decarbonize operations further.

Green hydrogen is a form of clean energy made from water through electrolysis, which is powered by renewable energy. While many industries want to invest in green hydrogen, high production costs pose a barrier to driving market adoption and achieving scale over natural gas or blue hydrogen. In addition, production facilities require an accessible and abundant renewable energy supply. ABB, IBM and Worley are collaborating to help businesses address these challenges by scaling up technologies and reducing production costs to enable green hydrogen to become more widely used.

This session will discuss:

      • How to create a repeatable process to build, operate and manage green hydrogen facilities
      • Green Hydrogen, in a box…. Is that possible?
      • Designing in digitalisation to enable efficient, adaptable and sustainable operations
      • Why collaboration across industry is key to the success

Session Host Bio:

Troy Stewart is the Lead manager for ABB Process Automation UK and Head of Energy Industries UK and Ireland.

Troy has worked for over 30 years  in leadership roles in ABB, Aspentech and Rockwell, providing solutions and services to the Energy, Manufacturing and Process Industry markets.  Troy has a B.Sc. in Physics, Masters in Control Engineering and an MBA.  His personal interests include mentoring, cycling, squash, charity work

Guest Panellists include:

Annet Stones

Annet Stones

Business Transformation Consultant, Advisor on Climate Change, Energy Transition, CO2 Technology and Sustainability – Industry Centre of Excellence, IBM Consulting

Bio Annet Stones – Annet has a successful track record of repositioning multinational companies with respect to the energy transition. As a chemical engineer, Annet worked for 25+ years in one of the largest Oil & Gas majors, with roles in Downstream, Upstream, Project & Technology, Renewables and B2B, and a thread of sustainability and CO2 technology running throughout.

Subsequently, hired by one of the largest oil traders and resource holders to assist with their strategic alignment to the Paris Accord, leading to the announcement of mid-term and long-term targets to reach Net Zero by 2050.

Currently working as IBM subject matter expert in carbon management, CO2 mitigation options (especially CCS), green fuels, carbon trading, nature-based solutions, offset mechanism, abatement tools and communications.

Diana Raine

Diana Raine

Hydrogen Advisor - Worley

Bio – Diana Raine: Diana has worked in the hydrogen energy industry for the past 20 years and understands the challenges involved in shifting from a world dominated by fossil fuels to one where clean hydrogen has an important role to play.

She has developed and delivered flagship hydrogen energy projects of significant scale in the UK and Europe, including collaborative funded projects.  A respected board member, she works with a wide range of clients from across the hydrogen value chain providing guidance and analysis in the energy transition.