Green Thermal & Clean Molecules: Introducing The Next Generation of Decarbonised Energy Solutions

Time & Location

Thursday: 10.00 to 10.20, Stage 2


Valentin FontaineManager, Sustainability Solutions ENGIE Impact

About this presentation

With the transition to a cleaner electricity sector underway, business leaders and policy makers have started focusing on the next notable frontier: the decarbonisation of heat and climate neutral molecular energy carriers. And as the largest industrial consumer of both oil and gas, the chemical industry has now set on a mission to develop options such as green thermal and clean molecules. This presentation, led by Stijn Cole, Senior Manager, Sustainability Solutions, offers a perspective on the opportunities and challenges to implementing emission reduction of thermal applications and chemical processes. Expert insights, innovations benchmarking and sector-based case studies will demonstrate how you can: 1. Leverage circular carbon options to reduce inherent process emissions 2. Build a green fuels portfolio that will meet high temperature heat requirements 3. Consider green feedstocks as a lever to decarbonise long lived assets

Speaker Bio:

Valentin brings expertise on business and strategy development to decarbonization projects. He combines his technical knowledge with strong transformation capabilities and project management experience.

Prior to ENGIE Impact, he worked at Monitor Deloitte, where he steered projects across several industries such as aeronautics, real estate and construction materials. His latest assignments focused on power and utilities sectors. Valentin is also a former Proposal Engineer at John Cockerill, where he developed a solid understanding of the industrial world.

Valentin holds a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering with majors in Electromechanics and Energy from the University of Liège, and a Master’s degree in General Management from HEC Liège.