Challenges in generating comprehensive substance ID for UVCB substances

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Thursday: 12.00 to 12.20, Stage 5



About this presentation

Generating accurate and quantitative substance ID for REACH registrations can be a challenge, even for relatively simple substances. The numerous, varied components of a UVCB, however, can certainly multiply these challenges.

Whilst a range of separation techniques are available to registrants, all have their limitations, whether that’s down to the volatility or size of the components they can analyse, or the detectors that are compatible with the separation method. The more components that exist in a product, the more difficult it can be to identify each component unambiguously.

Due to the variability aspect of UVCBs, a set of analytical data for one batch of a substance may look very different from another batch, making the development of a suitable method even more challenging. UVCB substances may require testing using techniques beyond those suggested by the REACH legislation and guidance documents, to characterise the substance fully. The choice of suitable laboratories can be limited due to their capabilities, capacity, or experience in using the required techniques.
This presentation will discuss these challenges, and their possible solutions, with examples and case studies for illustration.

Joint Presentation:

Alan Ritchie – Technical Director – WSP
Georgia Fitzmaurice – Principal Consultant – WSP

Joint Speakers

Alan Ritchie

Alan Ritchie

Technical Director - WSP

Alan Ritchie is an expert in EU regulations including the Cosmetics Regulation, REACH and CLP; he is a part of WSP’s REACH and Product Stewardship team. Previously he has advised on REACH and related regulatory programmes and has been in the regulatory affairs/Product Stewardship field for almost 30 years; he was particularly active in managing a number of REACH consortia. Alan has direct experience in the cosmetics industry, speciality chemicals and in R&D in the food industry. His broad areas of expertise include: Cosmetics regulations, including artwork review, CPNP notifications, claims support Embattled substances REACH registration support Consortium and trade group management Acting as Only Representative per REACH Article 8 Chemical regulatory due diligence

Georgia Fitzmaurice

Georgia Fitzmaurice

Principal Consultant - WSP

Georgia Fitzmaurice is a Principal Consultant who has worked in the chemical industry for four years as part of WSP Product Stewardship team. Georgia helps companies fulfil their EU and UK REACH obligations as a consultant and as Only Representative per REACH Article 8 for chemicals including monomers, photoinitiators, and cosmetic ingredients. She is experienced in reviewing study reports against OECD guidelines and preparing IUCLID dossiers for REACH registrations, from inquiry to lead registration dossiers. Georgia also has significant experience in guiding companies through obtaining the correct substance identification analytical data by working with WSP’s partner laboratories to produce ECHA compliant substance identification reports. Georgia has previously worked on public consultation projects for which she carried out interviews with stakeholders. Georgia holds a MChem in Chemistry with Industrial Experience from the University of Manchester and is a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC). As part of her degree, Georgia gained experience in analytical chemistry as an analyst at a pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company