DEKRA Organisational & Process Safety

DEKRA Organisational & Process Safety

About this sponsor

DEKRA UK Ltd are a behavioural change and process safety consultancy company.

Working in collaboration with our clients, our approach is to assess the process safety and influence the safety culture with the aim of ‘making a difference´. In terms of behavioural change, we deliver the skills, methods, and motivation to change leadership attitudes, behaviours and decision-making among employees; supporting our clients in creating a culture of care and measurable sustainable improvement of safety outcomes is our goal.

We are globally recognised specialists and trusted advisors in Process Safety, helping our clients to understand and evaluate risks, working together to develop pragmatic solutions.

Our value-adding, practical approach integrates specialist process safety management, engineering and testing. We educate and grow client competence to provide sustainable performance improvement; partnering with our clients we combine technical expertise with a passion for life preservation, harm reduction and asset protection.