Feature Session (Hosted by Cosmetics Cluster UK)

Biofilms and skin microbiome in personal care innovation

Joint Speaker

Jane EvisonDirector - Cosmetics Cluster UK

Time & Location

Thursday: 12.00 to 12.30, Stage 2

About this session

Joint Speakers: Dr. Katerina Steventon Senior Innovation Consultant – National Biofilms Innovation Centre & Jane Evison, Director, Cosmetics Cluster UK (CCUK)

Part 1: Introduction to Cosmetics Cluster UK (Jane Evison)

Part 2: Biofilms and skin microbiome in personal care innovation (Dr. Katerina Steventon Senior Innovation Consultant – National Biofilms Innovation Centre)

Addressing this forum we will look broadly at biofilm related needs of the industry, companies operating in the supply chain, i.e. manufacturers, formulators, distributors but also consumers and retailers. The talk will focus on biofilms on the human body and on surfaces and on effective, innovative solutions for their detection, management and prevention ranging from surfactant formulations to physical means of biofilm disruption and removal e.g. microbubbles, standardised testing methods and novel design of adhesion-modifying surfaces. We will share a few successful case studies that facilitated new academic research to solve an industry need supported with our Proof of Concept Funding for early commercialisation.

Speaker Bio

After graduating from Cambridge University in 1984, I worked in print media until joining Croda Chemicals Ltd as Sales & Marketing Executive, where I gained my introduction to the cosmetics and personal care industry. At the first ever in-cosmetics exhibition in Birmingham, I met Nancy Allured, Publisher of Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine, a leading peer-reviewed international scientific trade journal, which I then joined as European Representative in 1993. I remained there until 2015, when I took some time out from industry and in 2018, I re-joined the Allured Business Media team as freelance European Correspondent.

Despite being a ‘non-scientist’, I have worked for many years in communication on the technical and scientific side of the industry. I am committed to spreading the word about the science behind cosmetics to help the consumer understand more about the products they use and to promote STEM career pathways into the cosmetic industry.

I strongly believe in the power of networking and collaboration, especially with a strong international focus, which is why I am delighted to represent Cosmetics Cluster UK on the board of the Global Cosmetics Cluster and lead the Network Dynamics Committee. I am keen to help grow Cosmetics Cluster UK, with focus on the four key pillars of networking and global clusters, education and skills, sustainability and research and innovation.