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See the latest series of interviews taken from CHEMUk 2023 below. If you would like us to host or conduct an interview please contact us at editor@chemicalukexpo.com.

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CHEMUK 2023 Interview Series

Pre-recorded video address from George Freeman, Minister of State for Science, Research and Innovation at CHEMUK 2023 EXPO.

In the address Minister Freeman discusses the size and importance of the UK’s chemical industry.

CHEMUK 2023 Interview with Chris Finnegan discussing the role of SEAC (Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre), designing for consumer trust with regards to safe and sustainable chemicals, and Unilever’s collaborative work against animal testing.

Further information can be found here: https://seac.unilever.com/

CHEMUK 2023 Interview with Richard Haldimann discussing why sustainability is rapidly becoming minimum requirement for doing business, and how Clariant are achieving their objectives as key enabler of the sustainability transformation whilst, at the same time, coping with global disruption.

Interview with Liran Kessler Maller – Group Director of HR & PR, Chair of 2M Manufacturing, 2M Group of Companies Ltd at CHEMUK 2023, NEC, Birmingham UK. Liran talks ‘Sector Skills & Training’ and the 2M Skills Academy.

Lorna Williams, BASA Executive Secretary – British Adhesives & Sealants Association (BASA) interview at CHEMUK 2023

Lorna talks on BASA’s input into the CHEMUK23 conference programme, which featured BASA-hosted sessions on the themes of ‘Packaging Adhesives’ plus ‘Construction Adhesives & Sealants’

BCA secretariat team member, John Hibbs, talks about BCA (British Chemicals Association), its industry role, and provides insight into BCA’s input at CHEMUK23, which featured BCA-hosted sessions on the themes of ‘Biocides’ and ‘Water Treatment’

Interview with Steven Gasser, Associate Director, Regions, The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE). Steven outlines the IChemE’s core objectives and talks through IChemE input at CHEMUK 2023.

Patrick Deneny, Industry Member Engagement Executive, RSC interview at CHEMUK 2023

Patrick Deneny from the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) talks through RSC’s industry objectives, plus conference inputs at the CHEMUK 2023 event (NEC, Birmingham)

Dr Gill Westgate and Kirsty Mawhinney, Cosmetics Cluster UK interview at CHEMUK 2023

Cosmetic Cluster UK (CCUK) Directors Dr Gill Westgate and Kirsty Mawhinney, talk though CCUK’s core objectives and focus at CHEMUK 2023, including CCUK hosted feature sessions around ‘skin microbiome’ and ‘bio-based innovation’.

Ian Cranshaw, Operations Manager, Chemicals Northwest interview at CHEMUK 2023

Head of International Trade and Regional Affairs, CIA, and Chemicals Northwest’s Operations Manager, Ian Cranshaw, talks through CNW’s industry role and is focus at CHEMUK2023

Interview at CHEMUK 23 with Martyn Fordham, MD & Head of Product Development for global scientific research solutions provider Asynt Ltd, explaining the key application & focus areas for Asynt technologies & services, supporting the chemical research sector.

Interview at CHEMUK 23 with Stephen Crimin, Account Development Manager for Siemens Digital Industries, talking around its 3 core themes at this year’s event – cyber-security, sustainability, and the digital twin, supporting future chemical plant performance.

Interview at CHEMUK 23 with Harriet Bradfield-Morgan, Product Manager Essentials, Brenntag, talking on the company’s focus around the theme of sustainability.

Interview at CHEMUK 23 with Lawrence Clarke, Technical Sales Manager with biosurfactant producer Holiferm, talking around the topic of sustainable surfactant solutions for the wider chemical product industries, supporting transitioning from traditional fossil feedstocks.


Neil Maskall, Sales Manager, ROPAC Packaging, Schoeller Alibert interview at CHEMUK 2023

Interview at CHEMUK 23 with Neil Maskell , Sales Manager for Schoeller Allibert ROPAC© Packaging talking on the key UN Approved products on show, meeting the specific needs of the chemicals industries.

Interview at CHEMUK 23 with Vincent Hale, Head of Sales for UK & Ireland for BTC, in-house distributor for BASF. Discussing the dominant theme of ‘sustainability’ in BTC’s 2023 show presence, and its significance to the chemicals industry and the role it plays in future global solutions.

Mark Orr, Executive Director, UK & Ireland Spill Association, interview at CHEMUK 2023

UK & Ireland Spill Association Exec Director, Mark Orr, explains the value of hosting the Association’s ‘2023 Spring Conference’ at CHEMUK 23 in Birmingham and talks through the core programme objectives against current and future industry changes.

AZoMaterials Thought Leader Interview Series

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Periodic Fable PODCAST Series:

ChemUK 2023 Podcast (07/05/23): This week, Cameron & Hallam are joined by a new co-host to the podcast, Bryony Parker, who joins the team and discusses her background. Later the team are joined by Ian Stone of ChemUK to discuss the upcoming conference in May, which the podcast will be live at!

Big Manny (Nov 2022) – Scientific Session Podcast – On this weeks episode, Cameron & Hallam are joined by TikTok sensation, Big Manny, to discuss all the amazing work he’s been doing on social media and bringing science to life in his back garden. From his early influences at school, his music career, and his recent trip to the BBC to film Blue Peter, Manny talks through his journey to becoming a real influence to students across the globe with his short scientific videos.

BrightSCIdea Challenge – GenomAbs (Part 2 – Oct 2022) – On the final part of this two part special, Cameron & Hallam are joined by Irene and Christina from the GenomAbs team, who competed in the BrightSCIdea challenge earlier this year. They detail their story, of how they met through the competition, the help they received, and what they think the future of prescribing antibiotics will be. Anyone wishing to take part in the challenge still has a week to do so, so do it whilst you can!

BrightSCIdea Challenge – GenomAbs (Part 1 – Oct 2022) – On a two-part special, Cameron and Hallam are joined by Bryony Parker from the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) to discuss the BrightSCIdea challenge they run annually. On the episode, we have the team of Happy Biopatch, represented by Klara Hatinova, who comes on to discuss all about her teams idea, and their experience of the BrightSCIdea challenge.

Alex Cousen – The Crystallisation Chemist Podcast (Oct 2022) – Joining Cameron & Hallam this week, is Alex Cousen from Astra Zeneca. Alex is a Senior Crystallisation Chemist within Astra Zeneca’s Early Chemical development team. Alex studied both his undergraduate Chemistry degree, as well as his PhD at Bath University, and has a passion not only for the chemistry he does, but sharing his passion for the subject. On the podcast, Alex will discuss how he came to be a Senior Crystallisation Chemist. What it was like working for Astra Zeneca during the pandemic, and his experience working across both academia, and industry.

Ben Walsh – The Innovation idol  Podcast (Sept 2022) – On the podcast this week, Cameron & Hallam are joined by Ben Walsh, Deputy Director for the Transforming Foundation Industries at Innovate UK. Ben discusses his background from Chemist, to Consultant to Deputy Director, as well as sharing his insight and thoughts into the work needed to decarbonise the foundation industries. Cameron will also share a story on the chemicals of tattoo ink, and Hallam has some e-cracking news to share.