CHEMUK 2022 RECAP: Introducing the ‘British Chemicals Association’ (formerly BACS)..a new name for a new set of challenges

Speaker: Lisa Kelly BASF plc and British Chemicals Association (BCA) Chair

Lisa Kelly, Chair of the newly rebranded British Chemicals Association will introduce the association’s new look and review its activities. Formerly BACS, BCA is a chemical supply chain association of 120 members ranging from chemical manufacturers, through distributors and formulators to service providers and retailers.

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CHEMUK 2022 RECAP: Chemicals and Cosmetics – A square peg and a round hole?

Session Chair: Dr. Nick Dixon, Innospec Ltd, and Chair of BCA Personal Care Group

Cosmetics are essentially mixtures of chemicals, yet the demands placed on cosmetics and chemicals seem to be increasingly out of step. That we want safe and sustainable cosmetics is without question, yet the requirement placed on chemicals to demonstrate this can be at odds with both Cosmetic regulations, and the codes adopted by cosmetic formulators.

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CHEMUK 2022 RECAP: The Future of Surfactants

Session Chair: Dr. Matthew Giles, Innospec Ltd and Chair of BCA Surfactants Formulation Group

Whilst many of the current commodity surfactants are petrochemical based,  there is continued pressure from end consumers for ingredients which are naturally and/or sustainably sourced. The session will address the issue of how it could be difficult to replace some materials with current natural sources both in terms of supply and environmental impact.

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