SAFE LIVING – The importance of Biocides

Panel Session hosted by the BCA at CHEMUK 2023

Imagine a world without biocides – a world where rotting wood structures is the norm, where super rats destroy foodstocks and spread disease, where each mouthful of drinking water is taken with potentially fatal consequences, where recreational swimming ends up with contracting poliomyelitis, where efficiency is sapped out of systems because of the energy required to overcome biofouling, where infections pass through society due to lack of effective sanitisers and where surgical procedures are carried out in environments untreated by disinfectants.

Biocides are important and beneficial to everyone. They can and should be used in risk-managed ways – but their benefits should not be under-estimated.

SAFE WATER – Opportunity and Challenges in Water Treatment

Panel Session hosted by the BCA at CHEMUK 2023

Safe water is a fundamental requirement for quality of life. We will look at water use beyond drinking – In our pools and spas, in the systems used for heating and cooling, and the huge quantities of water used in industry. We look at the ways in which we make this water safe, and manage its impact on the wider environment.