2 Day Speaker Programme

Free to Attend – 100+ Expert Speakers – 3 Stages – Panel Sessions

  • Keynote contributions & Panel Sessions from leading industry figures, bodies & organisations – highlighting key sector issues & perspectives.
  • Technology & Innovation insight and assessing major ‘disruptive change’ in the Chemical sector.
  • Sharing of knowledge, viewpoints, experiences across the chemical & chemical products (consumer, industrial & institutional) sector.
  • Feature streams include – Green Chemistry, Digitisation, BREXIT & Regulatory Landscape and more…

Latest 2020 Speakers Include (Full Programme coming soon):

  • Chris Flower, UK Digital Lead, ABB Energy Industries
  • Raymond Gransby, Technical and regulatory consultant, Aromatherapy Trade Council
  • Jenny Barnett, SHEQ Manager, F Ball and Company Ltd
  • Lorna Williams, Executive Officer, British Adhesives & Sealants Association (BASA)
  • Rodney Steel, Chief Executive, British Contract Manufacturers and Packers Association
  • Dr Sarah Hickingbottom, CEO, BioVale
  • Ian Andrew, Chief Executive, British Pest Control Association (BPCA)
  • Lisa Kelly, Head of BTC UK
  • Ruth Blanco, Communications Director, WISE
  • Dr Darren Budd, Commercial Director – UK & Ireland at BASF Plc
  • Tom Higley, Technical Sales Manager, CALGAVIN Ltd
  • Peter Newport, Chief Executive, Chemical Business Association (CBA)
  • Stephen Elliott, CEO, Chemical Industries Association
  • Bryan Zhou, Deputy General Manager, Chemical Inspection and Regulation Service Ltd (CIRS)
  • Neil Smith, Head of Workforce Development, Cogent Skills
  • Dr. Stefan Kukula, Chief Executive, The Engineering Equipment & Materials Users Association (EEMUA)
  • Shuhaib Maudarbaccus, Plantweb Digitalisation Solutions Sales Specialist, Emerson Automation Solutions
  • Alex Brady, Regional Sales Manager, Expo Technologies
  • Steve Brambley, Chief Executive, GAMBICA
  • Dr. Zsuzsanna Gyenes, Deputy to the Director IChemE Safety Centre
  • Giuseppe Fiorello, Market & Regulatory Developer, IPI Global Ltd
  • Alec Keeler, Managing Director, Carbis Loadtec Group Ltd
  • Peter Brown, Director, Maelstrom Advanced Process Technologies Ltd.
  • Mike St John-Green, Technical Director Method Cyber Security, Method Cyber Security
  • Caroline Raine, Associate Director, National Chemical Emergency Centre
  • Prof. Adam Harvey, Professor of Process Intensification, Newcastle University
  • Paul Hingley, Cyber Security consultant Siemens)
  • Bilal Patel, Signature Tax
  • Peter Davidson, Executive Director, Tank Storage Association

2020 programme set to embrace themes including:

Chemical Business & Operations management:

  • Plant & Asset management
  • Predictive maintenance / IOT and site instrumentation/Asset data
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Digitisation strategy /investment
  • From Data Collection to Actionable Insights
  • Operational risk management/Risk criteria
  • Outsourcing strategies
  • Brexit latest status & sector implications/priorities
  • International Trade & regulatory challenges
  • Facility design, construction and maintenance
  • Financing Innovation
  • Cyber Security challenges
  • Transforming Advanced Chemical Technologies into Profit

Plant, Process, Flow, Control & Instrumentation:

  • Achieving faster, leaner, cleaner, safer and predictive operations
  • Retrofit heat transfer solutions
  • Managing control room/operator stress
  • Pump /Heat Exchanger efficiency
  • Digital Transformation for the Chemical Industry
  • Catalysis
  • Process/Plant decarbonisation
  • Overcoming Inline Mixing Challenges
  • Process Intensification
  • Carbon capture using rotating packed beds
  • Additive manufacturing for facilitating Process Intensification
  • Thermoplastic valves
  • Solids Handling
  • From Data Collection to Actionable Insights

Health & Safety/Environmental, Regulatory & Compliance:

  • Digital solutions & safety/security
  • Adhesives & Sealants sector – demands of regulation on downstream users
  • Rise of the (Tanker Loading) Robots
  • China Chemical Regulatory Management
  • Achieving cleaner & safer operations
  • Hazardous area electrical equipment installation
  • Chemical process environment flooring
  • Hazardous logistics
  • Maximising process safety metrics
  • networked digital technology/ safety and security practices
  • European Poison Centres
  • Hazards of static electricity in combustible atmospheres
  • Confusion Over Risk Criteria
  • Cyber Security for Senior Managers

'A standout UK chemical event in particular for the quantity, quality and variety of the speaker program which resulted in an informative and inspiring two days' Product Development Manager, Gurit UK

2020 programme set to embrace themes including:

Raw Materials, Ingredients & Chemicals:

  • Cosmetics & Personal care sector
  • Natural and organic skincare and beauty products/ Hybrid cosmetic products
  • Essential Oils supply chain
  • Adhesives & Sealants regulatory demands
  • Green Chemistry
  • Titanium dioxide classification
  • Coating & Printing Inks sector
  • Bio-based plastics
  • Skin microbiome/Driving product ingredients
  • Supporting Nanomaterials
  • Glassflake Technology

Laboratory/Research & Development:

  • UK Innovation ecosystem
  • Minimising waste in Chemical formulation
  • Lab work optimisation
  • Digital twinning of chemical processes/reaction simulation
  • Guiding new products & technologies to commercial reality
  • Accelerating product development…….


  • Contract manufacturing & fulfilment
  • Connected Packaging
  • COMAH Warehousing
  • Sustainable chemical packaging

Logistics/Fulfilment (cont.)

  • Chemical Packaged Goods Regulations
  • Tanker grounding in combustible atmospheres
  • Tank Storage sector cyber security


  • Digital/Connected workforce
  • Improving human performance
  • Diversity in Industry / gender balance in science, technology and engineering
  • Managing control room & operator stress
  • Chemical Industry Pay and reward survey

Two of the biggest themes: DIGITALISATION & SUSTAINABILITY

Digitalisation/Industry 4.0:

  • Digital Transformation for the Chemical Industry-
  • Digital/Connected workforce
  • predicative maintenance /predictive intelligence data
  • IOT and site instrumentation
  • Digital solutions addressing safety, security & reliability
  • Security of critical operational data
  • Affordability of digital technology/ digital investment
  • Risk mitigation – harnessing technology for more effective asset management
  • Digitally connected packaging
  • Robotic tanker loading
  • Networked digital technologies & cyber risks
  • Digital twinning of chemical processes
  • Cyber security, challenges & opportunities in the industrial digital world
  • Tank Storage industry Cyber Security
  • Drivers for next level digital transformation (sustainability/transparency)
  • From Data Collection to Actionable Insights ….. and more

Sustainability/Circular Economy/Green Chemistry:

  • Biobased raw materials
  • Consumer led demands/extended producer responsibility
  • Life cycle approach for manufacturers
  • Demands for zero avoidable waste
  • Circular economy demands for debonding, dismantlability and re-use of materials
  • Tackling the plastic pollution challenge
  • Role of bio-based plastics, the potential for chemical recycling, and innovative plastic substitutes
  • Material Circularity and Recycling
  • Minimising waste ion chemical formulation
  • sustainable chemical packaging
  • Decarbonisation
  • Life Cycle Thinking (LCT)
  • Sustainability and transparency as drivers of next level digital transformation
  • Carbon capture ….. and more

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