2 Day Speaker Programme

Spanning 4 stages, with a combined 40+ hrs of presentation and panel sessions, the 2-day programme will provide vital market intelligence, tech insight, best practice, case studies, solutions updates and more, for attending chemical industry and related chemical product industry attendees.

With around 150+ speakers, the ‘keynote’ programme will provide a platform for a range of specific key bodies to provide vital sector perspectives!



Stephen Elliott, CEO, Chemical Industries Association

“I think it’s very timely as an event, it’s quite symbolic that at a time when we’re leaving the European Union, we seem to have now resurrected a solid, strong, UK exhibition and conference..”

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Peter Newport, Chief Executive, Chemical Business Association

“There’s continued uncertainty for the chemical industry… it creates unwelcomed cycles in things like stock building in our sector as we prepare for a hard Brexit..”

Lorna Williams, Executive Officer & General Secretary, BASA

“We’re a very heavily reliant on the chemicals industry and so it’s quite useful to see what else is going on..”

Dr Darren Budd, Commercial Director, UK & Ireland, BASF

“It’s important that we engage with both our customers, but also see what our competitors are doing…you can’t do everything alone, face to face is a fantastic way of meeting and you can meet people”

Richard Ward, Commercial Vice President, Brenntag UK & Ireland

“Events like this are really positive for the industry because it allows everybody to understand what’s going on, what’s the latest innovations and what new products are available to the market …”

David Hill, Director of Environmental Quality, Defra

“The government has huge ambitions in the field of environmental quality and environmental improvement and the chemical sector has a really important part to play in meeting those ambitions…”

Ingo Legermann, HSE Manager, Brenntag EMEA

Brenntag is the number one chemical distributor in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). With its full-line portfolio of industrial and specialty chemicals and its broad range of services, Brenntag’s business model goes far beyond pure distribution. We fulfill a value-adding function in the chemical industry’s supply chain, connecting manufacturers and users of chemical products in a winning partnership.

Dr Geoff Mackey, Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Director, BASF plc

“I think any event that allows the industry to come together and share, talk to each other, do sales, do business, network, from my perspective seeing next year already booked for Manchester, a bigger event, we’ll certainly be back bigger and better”

Caroline Raine, Chairman, British Association of Dangerous Goods

“I think some people will leave here with new partnership opportunities, some will leave here with an action to go and improve something within their business to make sure things are much safer..”

Benjamin Wells, Senior Policy Advisor EU Exit Chemicals, BEIS

“When we first looked at doing this event it was with the intention of talking to business across the UK chemical sector, highlighting what the government can do them, not just in ‘no deal’ …but also look at what’s going to happen next and what opportunities are available…”

Ian Elsby, Head of Chemical Industry GB&I, Siemens plc

“The importance of this event is that it’s very much focused on supply chain. Suppliers are becoming more and more important to the chemical industry, the chemical industry relies on services and technologies from supply chain, so for me it’s very much central to the future of the industry”

David Wright, Director General, UKLA

“The United Kingdom Lubricants Association are very pleased that CHEMUK Expo has managed to pull so many Chemical manufacturers,  distributors and end users together in one place. We think a chemicals event specifically for this industry has been missing in the UK for a long time …”

Lisa Buck & Dr Gillian Westgate, Cosmetics Cluster UK, CCUK

The Cosmetics Cluster UK is an association created to enhance the growth and competitiveness of its members in the UK beauty industry, throughout the beauty supply chain

Ian Birkinshaw, General Secretary, SHAPA

Since 1981, SHAPA has grown to be the foremost authority on solids handling and processing industry matters.

Rodney Steel, Chief Executive, The British Contract Manufacturers and Packers Association (BCMPA)

“One of the things about the chemical industry is that there hasn’t been a proper Chemical show in the UK for many years. 2010 was the last time, so to suddenly have this show suddenly arrive on the scene is really positive and you’ve only got to speak to the people visiting and they can’t understand why it hasn’t been organised before…it’ll be a great success in the future I’m sure”

Dave OudeNijeweme, Head of Tech Trends, Advanced Propulsion Centre

“We have a very buoyant chemical industry that are very relevant to automotive going forward…. Events like this, where the industry comes together, this is the platform where hopefully they see new insights, hear about these opportunities and the companies that were looking for will be here…”

John Moss, Sector Specialist, Department for International Trade DIT

“This is the first time for many years that the UK chemical industry has actually stood up and said something very loud and clear about how strong and about how forward focusing it is, and this is a great event for showcasing that … I look forward to coming back in future years and seeing it grow and grow”

Dr Edward Cant, Research Engineer, The Manufacturing Technology Centre

“I’ve seen plenty of stands here that can help me on projects from companies I didn’t know existed… it’s an excellent way of disseminating what were do as a company and how we can help people as well”

EXHIBITORS - "It’s been a really good show, I’m really pleased with the turnout"

James Killerby, Managing Director, Hibiscus Plc

“We plan to be here next year…as a one stop shop purely supplying the chemical industry, this is major for us”

Alec Keeler, Managing Director of Carbis Loadtec Group Limited

“It’s been tremendous, beyond our wildest expectations. Very heavy footfall of the right people asking the right questions with projects in mind”


Ray Tregale, Managing Director, VEGA Controls Ltd

“It’s been a really good show, I’m really pleased with the turnout. We’ve had lots of customers on, lots of people we don’t know as well as people we do know and people with finite requirements and applications..”

Martin Gough Managing Director at CALGAVIN Ltd

“As a whole this is extremely important for the whole of the industry in the UK . There’s no forum, only 25 years ago  was EuroChem that fell apart when our whole industry did and there nothing happened ever since”

Tosh Singh, Managing Director, Lutz Jesco GB Ltd

“Yesterday was, in my opinion, absolutely awesome, probably one of the best exhibitions we’ve done in the last five to six years …we were inundated pretty much throughout the day”

Jon Verlander, International Sales Manager, SafeRack

“We’re a US manufacturer, but the UK market is very important for us and I’m very glad that finally we have a chemical show for the chemical industry in the UK”

Laurence Fletcher, Director, Suurmond UK

“We’ve come because we’ve been wanting to exhibit at an industrial show for a very long time. CHEMUK ticks a big box for us, we’ve been waiting a long time and it’s been fantastic”

Charles Lynch, Business Development Manager, Arpadis

“I was a bit nervous coming here being the first show but been really surprised by the quality and quantity of leads we’ve had. Meeting a lot of new companies this week, which has been absolutely fantastic…”

Steve Harris, Technical Sales Executive, Julabo UK

“The footfall’s been very very good. The type of people that have come to the stand has been excellent and we’ve had some excellent leads and feedback”

Simon Aspinall, Marketing for Verder UK

Verder manufactures and supplies high quality & leak-free pumps and pumping solutions throughout the world to a variety of industries including Water and wastewater, Printing, Chemical, Food and beverage, Construction, Pharmaceutical…and many more.

Seamus Carmichael, Managing Director at SILOTANK

Silotank are a leading Manufacturer in the UK and Ireland for Chemical, Liquid and Drinking Water Storage Tanks , Bunded Storage Tanks, Process Vessels, Pressure Vessels and Environmental Systems.

Scott Harding, Sales Director, Woodcock & Wilson

Specialist Manufacturers of Centrifugal, Industrial, Axial and Independently Certified ATEX & IECEx Fans.