UK Industry Events Ltd

VISITOR Terms & Conditions

Visitors must register for UK Industry Events Ltd events before entering the show area. This can be done online or on site. Visitors are issued with a badge which they should wear and make visible at all times while on site. Visitor badges are not transferable. By visiting an UK Industry Events Ltd event, visitors accept that they may be filmed or recorded for broadcast or promotional purposes.

UK Industry Events Ltd does not allow visitors to make sales, canvas or distribute promotional material while on site. They may only record the proceedings of an UK Industry Events Ltd event (for example, with video or still cameras or with audio‐recording equipment) if they have first obtained written permission from the organisers.

To ensure public safety, UK Industry Events Ltd reserves the right to search visitors.

UK Industry Events Ltd reserves the right to deny admission to any person. UK Industry Events Ltd events are designed for specific trade and professional audiences plus graduating students looking to enter into the area of business represented at the event.   Age 18+ admission.

UK Industry Events Ltd does not accept financial or any other responsibility for any personal damage or injury and for any loss or damage to personal property that may occur during a visit to its trade shows.

Please note that UK Industry Events Ltd trade shows are also subject to the terms & conditions published by the venue’s management.

Data protection: Please note that by registering for an UK Industry Events Ltd show, visitors give permission to UK Industry Events Ltd to inform them about the show and topics of direct relevance such as news reports relating to the subject matter of the show. In addition, visitors give UK Industry Events Ltd permission to pass on their addresses to exhibitors and trusted partners. Finally, addresses may be transferred to, and used by, members of which UK Industry Events Ltd is a part. UK Industry Events Ltd takes care to protect the security of visitor information and visitors’ privacy by ensuring that their addresses are not used for other purposes.