Adept Pure Water Ltd

About this exhibitor

DEPT Pure Water Limited are specialists in the design, manufacture, commission, installation and Service of Water Purification and Treatment Plant and equipment. Our units cover all types of processes such as Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis, and Deioniser based systems and we can incorporate them to produce various water qualities from Low Grade <50.00 uS/CM to Ultra Pure Water of 18.2 Mega Ohm.

We pride ourselves in being able to work and develop our relationship with our Clients this enables us to produced varied equipment from Ultra Pure Water Purification Systems used in the Pharmaceutical and Electronics Industry to Water Treatment pH Correction and Chemical Blending Systems used in the Roofing Tile Manufacturing Industry basically we can support any industry which has a need for Water Purification or Treatment

We employ a mixture of Experienced and Apprentice engineers who are trained in-house to a high standard this ensures your Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis, and Deioniser Systems are maintained to be Reliable and Efficient at all times.

We maintain close working relationships with our Suppliers, this ensures the best materials which are required to build a good quality and competitively priced Water Softener, Reverse Osmosis, and Deioniser System is always used, and enables us to keep up with the latest Technological Components which we can offer to our Clients

For an overview of the service and products ADEPT Pure Water Ltd are able to provide, please download our introduction brochure.

Download ADEPT Pure Water Ltd’s Introduction Brochure