Assentech Sales Limited

About this exhibitor

Supplying equipment, maintenance services and technical advice to the fluid transfer, process safety and tank storage industries. Focused on educating operators on breather vent functionality and performance to reduce fugitive emissions to the atmosphere through best available techniques on procurement and maintenance. Ensuring manufacturers, maintenance companies and end users stay safe, compliant and profitable. Working with API 2000 and ISO 28300 Standards committees and Regulatory bodies. Writing an Environmental Annexe for the International Standards.

How do you measure breather vent performance? Leakage? Impact? These questions resulted in our development of the revolutionary “Vent-Less” test bench range which uses software and innovation to enable a fully mobile and automated functional test bench that complies with the test criteria of API 2000 and ISO 28300. After the 2 minute functional test an instantaneous Test Report is generated which details leakage rate on both vacuum and pressure ports, verified flow curve and set point check so the operator knows whether their breather vent is safe, complies and good for the environment. The certified leakage rate provides data for ESG reporting. Demonstrating duty of care and corporate social responsibility.

Recognised as being a leading company, conversant in the safe storage of hazardous and volatile liquids, with specific knowledge in tank farm safety, fluid transfer and API 2000, Now into our 12th year, we put our success down to understanding the objective and delivering the most suitable product for the customer. We also pride ourselves on great communications and customer care. We are proud of the service we offer and the backup we get from our suppliers.

The best quote I have ever heard is that of Benjamin Franklin who said:
“The bitter taste of poor quality lasts long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten”