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Autichem Ltd

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Autichem are specialists in the design and manufacture of new equipment and processes for the Pharmaceuitical, Fine Chemical and Energy Sectors.  Using our diverse skill set we develop solutions to problems ranging from laboratory to industrial scale. One of our areas of expertise is in improving the designs of batch and flow chemistry reactors. We partner with you to help you to identify and understand the problem, and work with you to deliver creative, simple and cost-effective solution.

We believe there is strength in collaboration and in addition to our own investment in research and development, we also engage with many of the North West’s, UK and worldwide leading universities and academics.   The flow chemistry community is a close knit one; we believe by working together, partnering and supporting each other, we are best placed to offer our customers the most cost-effective solutions.

We offer a comprehensive range of value engineered, dynamically mixed continuous flow reactors and peripheral equipment.

Salient features include:

Modular design capable of operating as a single stage system, or as a multistage cascade, or for parallel processing.
Our reactors are fully scalable, with nominal working volumes from 3ml to industrial scales of 50L and beyond.
Variable Volume capabilities within a fixed tube geometry.
Materials of construction – Glass, Stainless Steels, Exotic Alloys such as Hastelloy C22 and chemically resistant engineering plastics, such as Peek, PTFE and PFA.
Single or Multi-Zone heating/cooling jacket options are available.
Bespoke designs to match unit operation and customer requirements.
Control System ranging from basic on/off agitation with variable speed, to a more sophisticated PLC based systems with optional ATEX certification.
3 Fundamental design forms cover a wide range of operating conditions.
DART reactors are dynamically mixed and can be used to tackle many challenging flow processes, involving gas, liquids and highly concentrated suspended solids.  Light sources can also be used for photochemisrty applications.
Reactors designed specifically for biochemistry and photochemistry are also available.