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Aval is a supplier of Atex approved low pressure and vacuum equipment, including flame arresters, regulators and control valves, tank gas blanketing valves and pilot operated vent valves.model-54_nobg_web

Aval is the exclusive UK distributors for Cashco, Kaye MacDonald, Sensiflo and Valve Concepts equipment, and have also been the exclusive UK agents of Lupi conservation vents and flame arresters since 1988.

The commitment to our customer does not end once we have delivered the goods; we offer a comprehensive Field Services program that offers maintenance programs tailored to suit individual customer requirements.

Aval Limited has accreditation to the latest ISO 9001:2015 quality system.

Picture of a Secure-Gard ™ Model 1049 Pilot Operated Vent ValveRequirements for industry to comply with higher safety standards and meet increasingly stringent air quality regulations call for advanced technological solutions. Aval has continually met the challenges of environmental and safety standards by expanding its vapor safety products to serve storage tank facilities, offshore drilling and production, oil and petrochemical refineries, chemical processing plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, automotive and industrial production, pulp and paper processing, landfill and sewage treatment, biofuel production and all other industries in the ever increasing environmental vapor control process.

Pressure & Vacuum Relief Valves manufactured in a variety of configurations to suit many duties. Valve sizing is provided by our technical department, which can advise on all appropriate international standards, including API STD 2000 & BS 2654 etc.

Valve Concepts Tank Gas Blanketing, the Vacu-Gard® is the result of over 30 years experience with tank nitrogen gas blanketing valves and has been designed specifically for tank blanketing applications.
The pilot operated vent valve has added tighter control to the tank storage market.

Emergency Relief Vents , Gauge Hatches & Free Vents , available in a wide range of sizes and materials. Emergency vents are typical of those covered by API STD 2000 regulations with regard to emergency venting during fire conditions.

Flame Arresters to the latest ATEX requirements, a full range of End-of-Line Deflagration Flame Arrestors, In-Line Deflagration Flame Arresters and In-Line Detonation Flame Arresters are offered.

CASHCO and KAYE MacDonald
Regulators & Control Valves including Sanitary relief valves, regulators and back pressure regulators

Other Products include. Pilot Operated Vent Valves, Bursting Discs, Relief Valves, Filters, Level Indication.