BASA – British Adhesives & Sealants Association

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BASA has over 90 member companies, collectively representing around 85% of UK adhesive and sealant manufactures. With its history dating back to its inception in 1983, BASA has excelled in its mission to become an umbrella organisation for UK adhesives and sealants manufacturers. We focus on technical and legislative aspects and on promoting awareness of the industry and technology by providing guidance on technical and compliance issues and creating a variety of networking opportunities for members.

BASA is the voice of the UK adhesives and sealants industry and provides detailed advice and guidance to our members, helping them navigate the complex landscape we are in outside of the EU. The association advocates on behalf of its members and liaises with UK Government regarding legislation and keeps Members well informed of UK, EU and International proposals and initiatives. With the UK exit from the EU, BASA is now taking a lead role in discussions with government advocating on areas like UKCA marking of Construction products and UK REACH and GB CLP to try to help Members meet their legal obligations and campaign for legislative changes where they are required.

With the growing concerns around the environment and using sustainable products and raw materials, BASA is dedicated to helping its members minimise harmful chemical usage and educate the public on the industry’s drive for safer products. BASA members work hard to formulate innovative products that positively contribute to the sustainability agenda whilst maintaining performance and durability. We are also focussing on helping our smaller members navigate the drive to net zero to minimise the impacts that the necessary changes will make to their businesses.

BASA hopes to continue to reach more potential members, looking at ways to support its manufacturers post Brexit and help them to navigate potential new legislation and trade rules.