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Why BioYorkshire is the key to delivering a successful devolved York and North Yorkshire

The Devolution Deal currently being negotiated for York and North Yorkshire presents a unique opportunity to deliver a step change for the region – lifting our local economy into higher productivity with better quality jobs, new start-up businesses and new growth opportunities.

Central to this dynamic is BioYorkshire: a ten year programme to create a bioeconomy cluster of world leading innovation in science, research and application – creating new businesses and enduring new employment opportunities supporting the sustainable economy.

BioYorkshire will act as the economic powerhouse for York and North Yorkshire. Led by the University of York, Askham Bryan College and Fera Science Ltd, the BioYorkshire consortium will develop new sustainably sourced supplies of fuel, chemicals and materials from natural crops and the upcycling of bio-waste products. It will support new ways to achieve net zero food production, farming and land use, working with the region’s farmers and food production industries to help drive their innovation to enable more productive and sustainable crop production and environmentally responsible land use. The project will create 4,000 new jobs, drive economic growth, and also enable North Yorkshire to realise its ambition to become one of the first regions in the UK to be carbon negative.

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