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Here at Borregaard UK, we are the UK subsidiary of Borregaard LignoTech with a commitment to one mission – to continue to be the world leader in wood based specialty chemicals based on lignin.

Borregaard UK offers liquid and powder blending tolling facilities within an extensive supply and distribution network. Having served customers for over 25 years we are proud to promote our extensive experience in these areas.

Ideally based in Warrington in the M62 corridor, we offer an in-house laboratory and production which combined with our experienced members of staff can always ensure products will reach our range of customer’s requirements. We pride ourselves tailor making products to meet our customer’s specific requirements and with a flexibility to offer bulk road tankers, bulk silos, full container loads, IBC’s, drums and 25kg packs. The varieties of industrial application areas we serve include Ceramics, Construction, Agrochemical, Feed and General Speciality Chemicals.

Our factory offers the facility to blend both liquids and powders to liquid to any size required. Additionally, the factory offers bulk storage of liquid blended products. We also have the ability to carry out bulk powder handling in our factory with a capacity of 25MT/hour. Alongside this, there is the facility to perform  powders mixing and blending utilising 2 x 250kg Tatham Forberg double shafted paddle mixers.

After production and quality testing we will ensure that there is an ample storage facility for toll manufactured materials. This includes undercover storage for free standing and racked areas, external hard standing, loading and unloading dock and 50MT vehicle weighbridge. As well as this, we have a dedicated feed additive storage area.

Borregaard LignoTech

Borregaard UK is proud to be a part of Borregaard LignoTech who in recent years has established itself as the world’s leading supplier of lignin based binding and dispersing agents and sole, global supplier.Borregaard LignoTech produces a wide range of Lignosulphonates and Biopolymers which can be utilised in a range of industries and applications many of which we operate here at Borregaard UK. These application areas include:

  • General – eco-friendly surfactants
  • Construction – cement, concrete and pigments
  • Ceramics – structural, decorative and refractories
  • Gypsum board
  • Paper
  • Animal Feed
  • Industrial cleaners and water treatment
  • Industrial binders
  • Battery Additives;
  • Agriculture – AgChem, fertilisers, micronutrients and plant nutrition
  • Road and soil dust control
  • Toll blending and manufacturing


Borregaard LignoTech and Borregaard UK believe innovation is the key to success and actively encourage staff in idea generation. Listening to and acting on our customers specific needs is key to this strategy. In order to be the world leader in binding and dispersing agent based on lignin technology we hold strong that innovation is based on expertise with a high level of service.

This can be seen through the results of in-house research and development. The in-house Research and Development is conducted through working closely with the sales force, the production, the customers and external institutes and universities. It is also evident as Borregaard LignoTech has spent 20% of annual profits on producing new products over the last five years, signalling that development and innovation is a key requirement for future growth.


Borregaard lignin products are used as dispersing and binding agents from a renewable, green and sustainable natural resource. Being used as a dispersing agent in concrete, agrochemicals, batteries and ceramic products they enhance flow and stabilisation. Lignin can also be used as a binding agent in animal feeds and briquettes as well as a variety of other application areas.

We believe, at Borregaard UK, as part of Borregaard LignoTech, we can enhance our customer’s existing products. Additionally, we will continue striving for new applications to develop wood based, green, renewable products as sustainable alternatives to oil based materials.