Corrosion Resistant Products Ltd

About this exhibitor

CRP are trusted by our customers to provide them with Fluoropolymer PTFE / PFA lined piping and associated equipment manufactured to the highest of standards to provide the longest service life and outperform others. Our PTFE / PFA lined products are used daily in many chemical and pharmaceutical plants around the world to convey and contain highly corrosive media like hydrochloric, sulfuric, nitric acids etc. As well as being very corrosive processes they are often highly toxic too, our HiPerFlon lined products are used in these processes where product integrity is of great importance. Our customers rely on CRP’s expertise in providing consistently high quality lined products manufactured with the latest process knowledge and the best available fluoropolymer materials.

We manufacture all of our PFA and PTFE lined products in North Manchester, UK. We have the very latest thick wall PTFE extrusion and sintering equipment in our new dedicated Paste Extrusion Centre. We have multiple PFA moulding machines and can manufacture PFA lined columns and fittings up to 20”NB.