Dragonfly Advanced Materials

About this exhibitor

Dragonfly Advanced Materials is an advanced materials manufacturer specialising in the development and production of silica aerogels. It is a spin-out company from Newcastle University and holds patented technology that revolutionises the manufacturing process of silica aerogels.

Dragonfly is currently the sole manufacturer of silica aerogels in the UK.  From formulation to application, the Company’s disruptive technology is uniquely versatile, enabling it to achieve a broader set of products suitable for a wide variety of uses.

From the manufacture of finished products to modular, distributed manufacturing, we create the aerogel solutions customers need while minimising the environmental and financial cost. By enabling the widespread application of silica aerogel, Dragonfly will make an enduring contribution to the fight against climate change and bring to the world the full potential of silica aerogel.

We have a clear vision to be a leading provider of advanced materials in the UK and across the world by enabling more companies in more sectors than ever previously imagined to access the full potential of next generation silica aerogels.  The Company’s integrated and energy efficient manufacturing process recognises the increasing demand for sustainable and safer materials to support the drive towards NetZero.

We are currently scaling up to maximise the versatility of our technology to bring to customers the benefits of a flexible, integrated, sustainable and competitive advanced materials.