DS Smith Packaging Ltd

About this exhibitor

DS Smith is a leading provider of sustainable packaging solutions, paper products and recycling services worldwide. Over the past 80 years our organisation has grown dramatically, as have our services and areas of expertise. Sustainability is integral to our circular business model and we can have the greatest positive impact by helping to create a low carbon, circular economy. It’s a journey we have been on with customers and colleagues for more than a decade.

Explore our extensive range of products and unique capabilities tailored specifically for the chemical industry.  We have a proven track record of Corrugated containers for the storage and transport of heavy products and bulk liquids.   We provide a comprehensive range of sustainable corrugated packaging solutions that prioritize both durability and safety throughout the supply chain. Our packages are designed to display clear warnings and essential safety information being designed and tested to ensure safe handling of chemical and hazardous materials.

Our heavy-duty, sustainable packaging solutions are the perfect way to protect, maintain and transport your valuable heavy products and equipment globally. All our solutions are easy to use and can be customised to meet our customer’s exact requirements.

Working closely with manufacturers and suppliers of chemicals and other dangerous goods we provide sustainable corrugated packaging that’s robust and safe during storage, transportation and delivery. Our solutions can be clearly printed with transport and storage information to meet legal requirements and are fully traceable by incorporating RFID technology.

Our innovative, versatile Hybrid³ container is a one-trip solution for shipping bulk volumes of liquid safely and securely to export markets all over the world. Made from 100% high-resistance, corrugated cardboard, Hybrid³ is also ideal for supply cycles where recovery recuperation, cleaning and disinfection of your packaging is either impossible, or requires expensive and detailed management. In these instances, Hybrid³ offers significant savings on handling costs over traditional packaging methods.

Key benefits of Hybrid³:

Ship and store up to 1000 litres securely and economically
Reduced handling costs when compared to drums
Reduced transport costs due to better utilisation of the vehicle
Compatibility with all filling and discharge processes
Can be used for aseptic products
Fully contained contents for discharge removing contamination concerns
Position of discharge allows 100% discharge of product
Sustainable materials
Fully recyclable & recoverable materials