Engelmann & Buckham

About this exhibitor

Engelmann & Buckham is a next-generation, family business, selling industrial machinery and equipment in the UK and Ireland.

Originally a partnership between Mr Engelmann and Mr Buckham, formed after the second world war, Engelmann & Buckham (E&B) as we know it today was founded in 1950. The company’s roots are in paper converting equipment, but much has changed since our foundation, and we continually evolved with advances in machine technology to expand into many industry areas.

Headquartered in Alton, Hampshire, we offer an extensive range of dynamic solutions. These include packaging machinery, processing machinery, converting machinery, direct mail and post-press printing machinery, eCommerce and intralogistics machinery, polymer testing, converting machinery, as well as materials, consumables and refurbished machines. Our Petersfield site is dedicated to refurbishments, and designing and building bespoke equipment.

Using a consultative approach, our responsive team works with clients to find the best machinery solution for their needs. E&B consultants have broad knowledge of high-quality, industry-leading machines.

Our machinery is used across many industries including food, dairy, personal care, home care, pet, chemical, direct mail, printing, eCommerce, polymer and research laboratories. Our consumables, spares and after sales support team have in-depth knowledge of manufacturers’ equipment.