Euro-Matic UK Ltd

About this exhibitor

Euro-Matic have manufactured plastic balls since 1965, the UK arm has been owned by a husband-and-wife team since 2016, with expertise in the supply of hollow plastic balls, across a variety of markets including playpen balls for leisure/hospitality, floating balls for manufacturing/reservoirs/waste treatment.
Euro-Matic Coffles could help save a heap of cash in manufacturing processes. It’s surprising how many people don’t know about them or what a simple, cost-effective solution they are!
For factories or production plants with chemical processes, heat or cooling tanks, there are inevitably several knock-on effects, such as maintaining tank temperature, nasty smells and toxins, or the damage evaporation can do to the workplace. But this longstanding, simple solution developed by Euro-Matic, solves these issues simply by pouring a blanket of balls onto open process tanks and creating a flexible cover. With a variety of sizes and materials suitable for all tanks and a range of chemicals this solution can reduce evaporation by 91% and save 75% of any heated tank costs.