Fire & Gas Detection Solutions

About this exhibitor

Fire & Gas Detection Solutions (FGDS) was formed by a group of  leading Industry Flame and Gas Detection Professionals to address the  needs of the Fire and Gas industry in general, with an emphasis on Green Energy, Oil & Gas, Petro-Chem,  Semi-Conductor Production as well as other high-risk  industries.   

FGDS are the European Sales Representative for several cutting-edge manufacturers, offering  new, innovating concepts, technologies and high-performance products in  the field of Fire and Gas detection.

We’re close to our customers, realising that every working environment is unique.  We supplement their desire for Fire & Gas Safety with  our specialist knowledge we are with you every step of the way, offering  advice, ideas and support, offering the best available solutions to  meet the most challenging of Fire and Gas Hazards. 

Whether it’s training, coaching, consulting, auditing, or giving impartial equipment recommendations, we always focus on solving your  challenge.  We are part of your safety team.

Our Product Range Includes:

  • Triple IR & UVIR Flame Detectors with optional HD Video Output.
  • Gas Detectors.
  • Flame & Gas Detection Systems.
  • Flameproof Heat Detectors.
  • Aspirating Smoke and Gas Detection Panels.

Our Consultancy Services Include:

  • Fire & Gas Consultancy Services.
  • Hazard Identification.
  • Fire & Gas Detector Mapping.
  • Equipment Selection & Recommendation.
  • Detector Design Validation.
  • Gas and Flame Detector Training.

Companies Represented Include:

  • Fire & Gas Detection Technologies Inc (FGD).
  • Sense Ware
  • Gastron
  • Oggioni
  • Sensotop
  • Consilium Safety