Liberty Chemcolour (UK) Ltd

About this exhibitor

Liberty Group strives to give the world a continuous betterment of life and living through innovations in chemistry. Over the last 35 years, Liberty Group has developed its expertise of specialty complex molecules. Liberty Group, along with its subsidiaries and partners, have contract manufacturing facilities in India, as well as dedicated facilities on lease. Processes are carried out at multiple sites. Development and commercial production are supported by an experienced and analytical team of professionals and instrumental analysis facilities including but not limited to UV, IR, TLC, HPLC and GC. Started in 1978, Liberty Group consists of companies in India, the United Kingdom and the United States. It is Liberty’s intent to cater to our valued customers. One of our strengths is that we have unique relationships with the manufacturers that develop and produce the quality products we represent. In many cases the products are sourced on tolling agreement basis and we may supply them with raw materials on one side and then purchase the finished products for export and sale. Our professional technical team stay connected and adapt to the ever changing marketplaces and the World. Quality, Technology, Service, Innovation and Productivity are fundamental characteristics that our customers enjoy by entering into a partnership with Liberty.