LyonPro Engineering

About this exhibitor

Lyonpro Engineering specialise in the supply of bespoke storage and mixing solutions. Catering to a range of different industries including chemical, cosmetic, food and drink to name a few, Lyonpro can provide mixing and storage systems that can be integrated into existing processes or act as standalone machines. Our vision is to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or efficiency.

After discussing with multiple customers about what equipment they would be looking to install following the supply of their storage/mixing vessels, we are proud to announce that as of 2024, we have expanded our catalogue to now include bottling, filling, capping and labelling machines. These affordable yet high quality systems can cater to a range of bottle shapes, capacities and label dimensions, and whilst ranging from simple low volume machines to complex high-throughput bottling systems, Lyonpro are confident that we will find a solution that can help customers keep up with their ever-increasing demand.

Having built fantastic relationships with a range of UK and overseas suppliers, we are extremely proud of the diverse portfolio of projects we have completed over the past couple of years. Not only this, but by working alongside multiple suppliers, we are able to remain competitive with both cost and lead-time.

Our in-tank mixing systems include a range of/combination of multiple types of impellers including anchor scrapers, dissolver discs, helical ribbon mixers, marine-type propellers and more. Our in-line mixers can be used for both liquid/liquid mixing, or powder incorporation into liquid mixing. Our vessels range in size from 10L to over 1,000,000L+ that require on-site construction. Our vessel systems can be jacketed for heating and cooling, as well as pressure rated to 16bar +.

Lyonpro Engineering strive to make ordering new equipment an easy and stress-free process, and our experience allows us to offer solutions based on your specific requirements. Pop by our stand and have a chat with us to see how we can support you with your mixing/storing/bottling needs!